Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Kinder Report Day 9

Adam and Eve took up most of the day, because, well, you have to go over the creation, and the kids had a *list* of animals they wanted to know if God created.

I got tired of it, and said, 'God created *all* the animals, even the platypus.' Which led to another discussion, because some of the kids didn't realize the platypus was a real animal. :)

Deb found a little coloring book of the story online that we made copies of and had the kids color and read the story from that.

Our Gospel was Mark 12: 38-44. I think the kids understood that it's not just when we have an excess or it's convenient for us that we need to give to God (and I'm certainly not talking about just money here, but time, attention, etc.), because it's *easy* then, but God's not asking us to only do easy things, but to obey Him at all times, even when it's tough.

Our word was 'Reconciliation', and that's what Deb suggested they write in their letters today. What they thought about the word, about the Sacrament, whether they were nervous about it, whether they were looking forward to it, just anything. Of course the kids don't *have* to write about what we suggest, but it does help them sometimes if we give them ideas.

Our random conversation involved whether it was better to use a hand grenade or a grenade launcher. This, of course, was a 'boy' conversation. :)


  1. LOL Boy conversations. little boys always want to blow everything up.

  2. Armaments are fun! :)

    *glances around* Why yes, yes I was a tomboy...

  3. First, I wanted to say that I like your new header. I meant to tell you yesterday.

    I love these reports. I didn't know the platypus was really an animal!


    Enjoyed this!

  4. Susanne,

    Thanks. Guess where it's from. :) (I'm just waiting for someone to realize what it is...)

    Oh, dear God, you just took a year off my life!

    I read that line, and I think my heart stopped! I was sitting there, dawning realizations of 'no, no way, she's *messing* with me...' and then I saw the smiley. :p

  5. Ha, ha! Sorry about that. (evil laugh)

    You must never forget that sometimes I like to tease you!


  6. I don't think you're sorry at all. *eyes Susanne suspiciously*

    Hmm...I'm gonna have to keep an eye on you....



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