Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Guess Who

Okay, some people may (by some people, I mean *me*) remember a movie back a few years (like 9) called Dracula 2000. Er...not so much a good movie, but vampires! so, yeah.

Anyway, the guy who played Dracula was kinda yummy. I mean, he was the highlight of the movie. And, to be honest, the only thing I remember from it. Other than And, whenever I watch it (because I own it, you see), I always wonder what happened to the good looking man. Like, was he ever in anything else, or did this movie kill his career?

Here, let me show you a picture:

Well. Last night, I was watching a little show on E! while I was falling asleep. In honor of the New Moon movie coming out, they were running this half hour special, 10 Vampires We Love or something like that...anyway...they had the guy from Dracula 2000. Guess who he is?

No, no, guess.


Any idea?

Here's a picture of him, sans vampire hair and paleness:

Gerard Butler. *dies*

I mean, now that I know, I see it. But...I never even guessed!

Yes, yes, I'm easily amused. Don't judge me. :p

Also, another thing that shocks me, every time I think about it.

Inigo Montoyea from Princess Bride (which, by the by, is an awesome movie and you should all watch it):

The actor today:

Mandy Patinkin

*mind boggles* How'd *that* happen....


  1. So that's Gerald Butler in the first pic??! Doesn't look like him!

  2. LOL so funny. Vampires were so much hotter back then. Not the kind that look like they were dumped into a vat of baby powder like in some movie I know :)

  3. grief what on earth are all those lumps and bumps on that poor mans chest/stomach? Does he have the dreaded lurgy?

    Kinda looks morish though despite the face fluff

  4. Candice,

    Yes, yes it is. I know...I mean, I can see that it's him, now that I know, but I would never have guessed it on my own. Doesn't really look like the him we all think of, does it?

  5. LK,

    I know....I'm a vampire fan, from *way* back. I just...vampires should not *sparkle* okay? Okay?

  6. Ahavah,

    Hmm....given the movie...those're probably healing bullet wounds. He got shot a few times, and, being a vampire, they healed right up.


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