Monday, November 23, 2009

My New Snoods, Let Me Show You Them

Snoods in their natural habitat.

Yellow snood on my head.

Peach snood. :)

Very, very pleased with these. Light weight and soft, they cover the whole head/hair, without being too tight over the ears. :) Yes, that's a little bit of straggly hair out the back, but that's because my hair's actually short.

I bought both these here: UnderThere.

Now, all I need to do is figure out what to wear on Sunday. Oh, decisions, decisions...


  1. Oooo I like these. They would be great underscarves

    I like peach personally :)

  2. Pictures!! Yay! I like seeing you model your snoods. Very nice! :)

  3. Love them!! Great idea for coverings, I've never had a snood before

  4. LK,

    They're very nice. And yes, they would make good underscarves as well.

  5. R.A.,


    Snoods are what I started with, and they're nice and easy to wear. More low profile than the bigger scarves, and a lot less work. :)

  6. Anna,

    :) :)

    It's all the snoods!

    I'm wearing one today, and people have complimented my new head gear. :)

  7. Candice,

    Yes, they are. :) I'm very happy with them! Yay splurge!


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