Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Kinder Report Day 10 & 'The Box'

Hmmm...we had a Communion Meeting today, so a lot of the kids (the older ones) weren't in class. So we did a movie day and watched some old cartooney things on the life of Jesus.

Unsurprisingly, when it came to the Temple, the video showed 'sacrifices'. No blood, nothing graphic, but it was clear the sheep was dead, and getting burnt up.

This displeased the children! like I cannot even describe. And then Deb said, while we were trying to explain, that 'they *thought* that's what God had told them to do' - whether I was right or wrong in saying it, I had to step in and correct her. God *did* tell the Jewish people to make animal sacrifices. It's not like they'd gone off on their own on this or anything. Of course, we explained that because of Christ, and His Perfect Sacrifice, we are no longer bound by the Old Testament Laws, and so we don't need to sacrifice animals. Which made the kids happy, and one, A, declared that she was going to be a vegetarian from now on. That's because she was mad they were being 'mean' to the animals, and we had the whole, 'where do you think we get burgers from' discussion.

Our Gospel was Mark 13: 24-32 - so we got to discuss (*briefly*) the idea of the Apocalypse and the End of the World. Have you ever tried to have a discussion like that with a room of six/seven year olds? And *not* give them nightmares? Yeah.

Our word was 'Act of Contrition', so I read the one from the back of the missalette I stole borrowed from the church. (Look, the DRE and Deacon G both told me it was okay, and I'm using it for church purposes...) And then we discussed, a little, about what Confession and Penance are like.


Okay, so, we went to see the movie 'The Box' this afternoon. Interesting. Not scary, but sort of old school scifi/suspense kind of thing. Here's the premise:

A man shows up at your house with a box. In this box, there's this device with a big red button on it. He explains, if you press the button, two things will happen: 1) Someone, somewhere in the world, whom you do not know, will die. 2) You get a million dollars.

So, what do you do?


  1. Your kids are so cute! I love reading about them and it's sweet how they were touched, outraged that the sheep had to die! Hmmm, maybe that's how we should view sin. It's so bad..not something we must think of lightly and sweep under the rug. Anyway, great post!

    Wow re: The Box and that question. I hope someone doesn't push that button and *I* am the random person who dies. :)

  2. Susanne,

    They really are. :)

    Yes, there was much outrage at the sheep's fate.

    Yeah, well, there's more to it in the movie, but I don't want to give it away!


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