Thursday, November 19, 2009

No More Hijab For Me

So, I'm just going to act and talk like me attending the Orthodox church next weekend is a done thing, and convince myself that way.

In a related theme, as Anna and Alana pointed out, it's a Serbian church. There's an extremely unpleasant (to say the least) history there with Muslims.

I'd already decided that I'd wear a small scarf (tiechel) or a snood. More low key, y'know? Not because I'd thought about the history, but because I didn't want to stand out more than I already would. But they have an *excellent* point, about being sensitive to the cultural background there. And I get the impression from their site that many of the people are actual immigrants from Serbia, so it's not history to them, see?

And here's the thing. I'm thinking positive. Thinking, I'll actually *talk* to people, not just slip in and out. Meet people. That sort of thing. I want to run in to a 'new friend' in another setting, wearing hijab? And upset them?


So, I'm backing totally off the full hijab thing. I mean, I still like the look, but...I think the benefits of *not* wearing it, for me, may outweigh the benefits of wearing it. Still gonna be me, modest, head covering, and a little dorky, but no more hijab. It was confusing people who knew I was Catholic anyway... :)



    this lady makes excellent adorable hats that cover your whole head. Love them :)

    I wish you luck

  2. Snoods are a great choice. ;-) Seriously, though, I am cheering for your boldness to visit the church. I saw the church pix and they seem sweet-natured. The Divine Liturgy is...just...amazing!

  3. Hmmm...I like some of those, but, funny enough, I'm not a hat person. They all look horrible on my head! :)

    I just bought two new snoods from here:

    *bounce* Pretty!

  4. Anna,

    Really? Snoods, you say? *blinks innocently* And where would I find some of those? *grin*

    Thank you for your cheering! Seeing the pictures of the parish *has* made me feel better. I don't know they're more real and less imaginary scary people in my head? *shrug*

  5. Sounds good! I hope you have a good experience. :)

  6. I'm so excited for you! I want to hear alllllllllll about it and the people you meet! That would be so cool to meet people.

    And I'd love to see you in your snood if you care to post a picture for us.

    Perty please.

  7. I've done the same exact thing but not for any anti-Muslim reasons. It's just ... so obvious that I LOOK MUSLIM and yet I'M NOT MUSLIM so what kind of mind games am I playing with people?

    So I've gone to the "Russian Orthodox/ pre-1960's Catholic" style of headcovering and I use snoods (never thought I would!) little Mennonite veils (not often though as I look like a NUN), sun bonnets, and I tie my hijab scarves under my chin like the old women do here in Orkney and in Eastern Europe. (And like women did in America before the Feminist Revolt.)

    As for my abaya and kaftans, I'm going to get them fixed up a bit so they look more like dresses and less like Arabic wear. I still love them but I'm not loving the confusing messages I'm sending people. And what about my kids, ya know?? They'll grow up with this odd mix of Catholic-Muslim mom??

    I would still love to wear full hijab like Kristian Lavansdatter but it's just not doable these days. There's too much confusion and too much STARING. I know that snoods and bonnets cause looks but the looks aren't the same. I've found that the full Muslim style hijab seems to alienate people from me ~ they aren't anti-Muslim but just plain confused.

    So yeah, I'm going to stick with "Western/Eastern Christian" hijab.

  8. Cute snoods!

    But don't forget "Garlands of Grace" LOL! I'm soooo pushing them! But they are soooo worth the money ~ I can't get over their elegant, tasteful snoods! I'm wearing the "Victorian Rose Meg" right now.

  9. Sanil,

    Thanks! I hope so too...

  10. Susanne,

    Oh, don't worry, you will. :)

    We'll see. I haven't decided what to wear just yet.

  11. Michelle,

    I understand. It's not that I'm anti-Muslim either, it's just too confusing to people, and in this instance, I don't want to upset these people, who have a valid reason to get upset.

    Babushka! I *love* babushka. :) Snoods, well, I started with them, and I still love 'em. Simple and practical. (Funny, when I started, I told some people at work that I was going to and told them I'd be wearing a snood. They asked what that was, and I described it as 'sort of a bag for your hair, but pretty!'). You really want to look like a nun, take a solid khimar and a white underscarf. Leave a little bit of the white showing at your forehead, and pin (not tie, but pin with a safety pin) the khimar behind your head. You'll get called 'Sister' all the time. (I discovered this by accident.)

  12. BABUSHKA! I love that word, my grandma uses it all the time :) Isn't it actually Russian for Grandmother?

    Teehee you would look like a nun :)

  13. LK,

    Yeah, I think so. But I always hear it used for the scarf :) It's just a fun word to say, too!


    Yeah, I really, really did. I actually had someone I know ask me if I'd taken vows...

  14. Snoods are really cute! I think the no hijab is probably a good choice... To avoid looking too Muslim. Can't wait to hear how it went!

    BTW, the books came in yesterday! :D:D Thanks so much!

  15. Candice,

    Yeah, thanks. Much as I like the way hijab looks...bigger concerns, y'know?

    Glad the books came okay. I hope you enjoy them. :)


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