Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Kinder Report Day 6

*sigh* Okay, just a quickie because I'm on my way out the door to see a movie with a friend. I feel bad updating and not responding to comments or other peoples new posts first, but I want to do it before I forget and I promise to respond to everybody later.

Class went well, we read the Gospel which was Mark 10: 35-45. Our word was 'faith'. :)

I did not screw up anything, thank God. I had the kids pray the Our Father and the Hail Mary without their sheets (mostly). We need to work on silence and respect and the proper way to behave when someone else is praying out loud. Crossing ourselves also needs to be addressed. The kids rush through it. We did our letters, and went around the room for 'best things of the week'. It was a little more chaotic than normal because (I think) having a temporary teacher distracted some of them.

At snack time I handed out the coloring sheets I'd found, it was Jesus stopping the storm, and that took us to the end of class. I am tired and achy, but the ache is from over doing it in the yard yesterday, and so's the tired, cause I kept twinging my back in my sleep and I don't take pain killers soooo....

Anyway, typing it out it seems like not much, but really, we fill an hour and a half with learning!

Off to see Paranormal Activity. The reviews tell me that it will make me pee my pants and be afraid to sleep and shower alone. If it does not deliver, I shall be miffed. (Less so on the peeing of pants thing...)


  1. Great to hear that class went well!! :-)

    Sorry about your aching and tired self. :-/

    But here's hoping you *ahem* peed in your pants and your wishing that someone would crawl in bed with you right about now! (Ah, that sounds so bad, doesn't it? Hehehehe.) In other words, I hope you loved the movie!

  2. Susanne,

    Me too. I was nervous. And now, in retrospect, I think my assistant's name was 'Susan' and I kept calling her 'Susanne'. :) But she didn't correct me....

    Actually, there was, thankfully, no pants peeing. It was a good movie though. Very realistic, which just made it scarier. Kind of a harkening back to the old school horror movies where you never see the monster.

    And, *shudder*, given a couple scenes in the movie, I was quite happy that nothing crawled into the bed with me last night. :)


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