Monday, October 26, 2009

Do You Have a 'Good' Conscience or a 'Clean' One?

Another tiny pearl of wisdom from OLiC:

There's a difference between a 'good' conscience and a 'clean' conscience.

If you have a clean conscience, all it means is that you don't feel guilty. It doesn't mean that you didn't do anything wrong, it just means that you don't *feel* badly about it - which could just mean that you've become numb to the wrongs that you've committed.

On the other hand, a good conscience is a conscience that informs you when you're about to do wrong or have done wrong. A good conscience is one that is active and sensitive enough (not numbed by repeat offenses and trained by knowing God's 'rules' - right from wrong). You may not always feel like you're a shiny, perfect person with a good conscience, but it's more likely to keep you out of trouble than a 'clean' conscience.


  1. Great reminder! From it I now equate
    "clean" conscience with "seared" one.

    This definition:

    4. to make callous or unfeeling; harden

  2. Wheeeeeeeeere is Amber?? Did the aliens get her?

  3. Susanne,

    An excellent comparison! A burn scar is very 'clean' looking in many intances - shiny and smoothe, but dead.

    Heh. No aliens, sorry. :)

    I've been on vacation, painting our living room. So much fun. :p


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