Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Fox or the Prince

Have another look at the passage in The Little Prince by Antoine de
Saint-Exupery where the fox describes how the little prince should learn to tame
him - he must be very patient, sit a little way off and look at him out of the
corner of his eye and say nothing, for words cause misunderstandings. And every
day he will sit a little closer and they will become friends. Put 'God' in the
place of the fox and you will see loving, chaste shyness, a diffidence which
offers but does not prostitute itself: God does not accept a glib, smooth
relationship, nor does He impose His presence - He offers it, but it can only be
received on the same terms, those of a humble, loving heart, when two timidly,
shyly seeking people reach to each other because of a deep mutual respect and
because both recognize the holiness and the extraordinary beauty of reciprocal

*For the record, this is a quote from Meditations: A Spiritual Journey Through the Parables by Metropolitan Anthony Bloom, as quoted in Bread & Water, Wine & Oil.

This is the whole quote from the last post.

See, Susanne, if there is a 'right' you were it. :) I, on the other hand, before I'd finished reading the quote, thought that the fox was us and the prince, God. It made more sense to me. We're the skittish ones, the ones who approach and flee, approach and flee. And God patient, kind, waiting there for us to come to Him. Getting a little closer each 'day'.

*However*, what you said in your comment, in regard to the fox being wise did make Metropolitan Bloom's choice make more sense. :)


  1. Honestly I have a bit of trouble with God being a fox since I grew up singing "The devil is a sly ol' fox if I could catch 'em I'd put 'em in a box!", but for the sake of wisdom and the author's example, I figured the fox was the better choice for God in this case.

    The part about being very patient and not saying a word tipped me off that that had to be God. It's how I've heard people say we should be if we want to hear from God so.....

    Hey, I might not read as deep as stuff as you, but I've read my share of the Gingerbread Man and I know the fox was pretty dang wise (or wily)!


    Enjoyed this!

  2. *grin* It's funny. I have no problem with God as a fox, metaphorically, though I still think my way makes more sense. :)

    Dude. Don't put down the Gingerbread Man. Mother Goose has some deep stuff! Deep! How'd you think I got started down this wacky and insane path? Fairy tales and bedtime stories!

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