Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Floating Down the Orthodox River?

I could listen to Our Life in Christ all day. I have, actually, and when my mp3 player died (forgot to plug it in for recharge last night), I was very disappointed.
I *like* learning about Orthodoxy, funnily, I'm enjoying it more than I did learning about Catholicism. With that, it was sort of frantic. I *had* to know everything so I could be right and be knowledgeable and *understand* these things. Transubstantiation and confession and celibate priests and...and...and... And if something didn't quite click, I assumed that I was wrong and shoehorned it into my brain.

With Orthodoxy, it's more like floating in water. I'm (mostly, I still have moments, we all know) not frantic about it. I'm not sure where the current is going, but the ride is peaceful and somehow comforting.

(cool thing about this pic? I've been to the springs/river where it was taken - Weeki Wachee)

Take that as you will.


  1. As someone who has had recurring dreams of getting sucked under by a strong river current, that photo is both oddly beautiful and very very creepy to me.

  2. I too find this picture scary... I find myself wondering if there are any nasties lurking waiting to pounce?

  3. Alana,

    Sorry for the creepy!

    I just love floating in the water and found this pic!

  4. Ahavah,

    *hangs head*

    I've traumatised people! Sorry!


    Gators. Watermocasins.

    But it's still a *beautiful* park!

  5. Gators???!!!! Watermocasins?!!! (not too sure what they are - but they sound like they have teeth)...

    nope I keep looking at the picture and keep thinking about scary horror films and the du-du-du noise you get with Jaws....

    Have you got one with of view of the floaty lady from the surface? ohhh maybe this is significant? so (bear with me here).... rather than floating on the surface in a nice safe boat - you have relaxed and 'immersed' yourself in your faith....

    so when we look at the picture you are sharing with us just how deep your faith is....

  6. Ahavah,

    Water moccasins (aka cottonmouths) are a poisonous snake we have down here. I once was in a dinghy on a canal and met a water moccasin swimming the other direction that was as big around as my wrist (it looked, I didn't pull it out to actually measure) and longer than the boat (6ft).

    That's the only angle on that picture I've got. :)

    Hmm...my subconscious trying to tell me something? I went looking for a woman floating in water because that's the image my brain was giving me, and stumbled on this one and it 'clicked'.

  7. Oh, we also have American Crocodiles, but not up in the panhandle (where that pic was taken). They live in the Everglades, mostly.


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