Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Kinder Report Day 5

*sigh* I is *tired*. :)

We had all the kids but one today. 13 kids in all, mostly boys. Do you think it's a bad idea that from now on I pray that God grants me daughters? Yeah, I think that's mostly going to come back and bite me in the behind.

I can *honestly* say that I have no idea how an hour and a half goes so fast. I think back on what we covered, and it doesn't seem like that much, but it takes up all our time.

We pulled two words, 'amen' and....*wah* I can't remember what the second one was!

One of the boys lost a tooth, spontaneously.

We read the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10: 29-37) and then spent time discussing that. For their 'letters' section, Debbie asked them to write about what they could do to be a 'good samaritan' in their lives, and then they shared those if they wanted to. We also went around and asked them about things that they *didn't* do in the past week that they could have to be good to their 'neighbors'.

We read the Gospel (Mark 10: 17-30). What we tried to get across to the kids is that the things of the world, money, toys, etc. aren't really important. When we die, none of it comes with us. What matters is that we focus on God, and the world to come. As the author of Wisdom said, prudence and wisdom are more valuable than all the gold and silver.


  1. Sounds like another great class. I'm really glad that you share what you teach them and what things they discuss and enjoy...and, of course, that they loose teeth during class. *ahem*

    Hope you got some good rest last night. Happy Monday! :)

  2. The tooth thing was just - walking around, boy says, 'hey, my tooth' and there it is. In his hand.


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