Monday, October 12, 2009

Signs You're Just Not That Into That Book

1. Skimming from one "........." to the next. Checking to see if the dialogue gets any more interesting.

2. Skipping pages because there's nothing. going. on.

3. Flipping to the end of the book to see if everyone dies. Cause you really, really hope they do.

4. Willingness to use the book as a WSD (Weapon of Smash Destruction) against enemy combatants (spiders, cockroaches, palmetto bugs)

5. You've chucked the book across the room at least once

6. Reflecting that you've read better written fanfiction

7. Realizing that you've *written* better fanfiction

8. Even the hot, steamy, 'gives safe sane and consensual whole new meanings' sex can't keep your interest

9. You fall asleep reading it in the middle of the day

10. You're reading it and start thinking of lists of things that tell you you're not enjoying a book...

Any other signs?


  1. ROTFL

    You are waiting for the book to finally start having a plot

  2. Oh my, Amber, WHY are you still reading it?!?! Btw, I loved #3 on this list. Actually I liked many of them! You are so funny! :)

  3. LK,

    Plot? What is this 'plot' of which you speak? *puts puzzled face on*

  4. Susanne,

    Because I'm a masochist at heart. Or German. One of the two. (Okay, maybe both.) However, I did finish the book, so that's over and done with. And it's been removed from the library. All is well with the world.

  5. when whatever 'man programme' (police chases, Top Gear, etc) is actually more riveting than the page you are reading.. so much so that you keep reading the same line but don't actually even remember reading the line... and by this time you've become totally confused as to the names of the characters because they are so bland/awful that you've failed to make any connection with them whatsoever.

    Then you have to go back to the Library Reading Group and explain (yet again sigh) that the chosen noble peace pulitzer winner that THEY are all raving about really was a total load of tripe.

    (Sometimes I so just KNOW what the small boy who commented on the King's New Clothes just felt like.... puzzled :0) )

  6. Ahavah,

    All too true. :)

    Sometimes it's like...'hello? am I the only one who actually bothered to *read* the book and not the raving reviews?'

  7. I ditch a book waaaaaay before I get to that point! lol

  8. Candice,

    I'm just too stubborn. And, to be honest, I've had books that I didn't love in the very beginning that got good enough for me to keep a little later on, so I live in hope for every book. :)


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