Monday, October 12, 2009

Star Trek 2009 Gag Reel - All the Funny Spock Can Deliver

Okay, first one got yanked from youtube. Found another one and it won't let me embed it. So, here's the link. Hurry and watch before it gets yanked again!


  1. nooooo... wail... its says this vid is no longer available due to copyright blah blah.....

    so that's when they come out eh? I've been scouring Asda's stores like forever!

  2. *weeps* Found another one. I linked to it. Hopefully you get to see it this time.

    Yep. 11/17 is what Amazon tells me.

  3. sunnovah....

    Okay, just go to and search for star trek 2009 gag reel - just like that. I found another three. They keep yanking them and people keep putting it back up.

  4. I did... then I got trapped (honest) like a fly in a spiders web for the next hour looking at the various boopers et all including some great ones of Data....

    I am sure there is a punishment waiting somewhere for 'misappropriation of time' Still mum didn't get up till 10 am this morning - so I just flew around the jobs I needed to do... phew

  5. Ahavah,

    Star Trek is an addiction. Like air. 8-)

    Besides, Data bloopers have to be hilarious. I'm gonna look for 'em tonight...

  6. And they're all gone now. *pouts* If I find more, I'll post 'em!


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