Friday, February 27, 2009

As You Stitch So Shall Ye Rip

My Opa apparently used to say this to Oma when she was sewing. She didn't think it was as funny as he did.

The point is...using the instructions laid out by Alana here: How to Turn Jeans Into a Skirt and the expert advice of my Grandmother (as well as her sewing machine, since my mother somehow managed to break ours), I have sewn a thing! Specifically, a skirt.

Behold my skirt!

Aside from the niqab (which I use since I decided that I kind of don't want my face on here at the moment, and yes, I am aware it looks silly on me), this is what I'm planning to wear to the retreat tomorrow. And...not the scarf, maybe a snood or this blue al amira hijab I have, but worn off the back of the head, not around the neck. Something easier to clean than the tiechel. Why yes, I do test out outfits the night before I wear them. I may be overly cautious about things.


  1. Yaaaaay! You did it. Looks great!

  2. Thank you for the directions!

    I love my skirt, and I'm eyeing some other jeans for more skirts. This one took me about 5 1/2 hours, over three days.

    I wore this one to work the other day and everyone loved it.


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