Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bad Scarf Days

Yes, covering means no more bad hair days, really.

You get to replace them, however, with bad scarf days. Days when no matter what you do, you can not get the scarf to lay right. It folds funny, it slides, the snoody part in the back magically appears to one side of you head, as opposed to the back, where it should be.

And you wind up spending ten minutes in the bathroom at work fixing it.


  1. Oh, that is SO TOTALLY TRUE!!!!

    I'm the Queen of bad scarf days. And I always manage to be askew as I'm interacting with strangers or in situations where I really want to be put together and suave.

    I think a woman in a scarf will have as many bad scarf days as she would have had bad hair days. For some of us it's just intrinsic, while others float through life with good hair or good scarves and nary a worry in the world.

  2. True, true.

    In the beginning, I foolishly thought that the scarf was the answer to bad hair days. I've accepted that I've merely traded one problem for another. :)

  3. Yeah, I often find myself in the public bathroom where ever I am thinking "Man! I feel like I'm in high school!" Shouldn't I be over this? Shouldn't it just stay put? but alas. It doesn't, and I am back, trying to shove my hair back in, or taking it off and putting it back on.

    And then, if I'm wearing a hijab style, I'm thinking "what are these other ladies thinking" and then I get defensive in my own mind! HEY! It's a WOMEN'S BATHROOM! This should be acceptable according to Islamic standards.

    And then I sigh, and give a 'whatever' and move on.


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