Monday, February 2, 2009

Decorating your work space

There should be some sort of limit, really, to decorating your desk. The woman two desks behind me has feng shui-d her desk, which, fine, we all think you're a bit silly, but go for it. This latest though, she has, over the weekend, brought in a 3 foot tall bodhisattva and perched it on her desk. It looks sort of like this:

Is this really necessary for the flow of your chi? It's not even a very pretty one, just some hollow ceramic thing, painted to look like its stone. It's just so huge!

We (myself and others who sit next to her), may or may not have moved things, thus un-shui-ing her desk. This was (almost entirely) unintentional. We were curious, and like curious monkeys, we must touch!

Edit: And I may or may not have made it a little paper crown.

Edit 2: And a cape.


  1. Put a bra on the thing! Bwahahaha!

    Might I suggest a nice big huge statue of the Virgin Mary on YOUR desk? ;-)

    Or even better: an icon of Christ. That way the buddha statue will perhaps be fallen down and broken to bits when you get to work the next morning. I"m thinking of the story from the Old Testament where the Ark of the Covenant was captured and put in a pagan temple...

  2. You know, I was confused about the bra, until I took a closer look at the picture! Ah! I totally missed that! :) I found this one right after a female bodhisattva with no top on, so I was just so relieved, I missed the chest! I'm happy to say the one at work is fully clothed.

    Heh! Brilliant! Hee... I'll see what I can do.


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