Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Book: Living Islam Out Loud

I bought this to balance out some of the books I've picked out that rip into Islam and the women in it. It's a book of essays, women who have lived their whole lives as American Muslims.

For the most part it's excellent, little glimpses into lives - proof that they aren't vastly different from our own. It's a short book, which is a problem for me, because I wanted it to be longer. The women in it are all 'famous', or making large contributions to society. Which is great, but I would like to see a similar book with the stories of regular, every day women.

These women present an Islam that is still evolving, gaining it's own identity in the west, not bound by eastern cultures, or the interpretations of extremist imams.


  1. Hi! this is the first time I visit your blog! I like it! i wonder if you are converting from islam to catholism? I wonder because you seem to talk alot about islam in your blog :)
    have a nice evening!

  2. Hi Cecilia,

    Welcome to the blog. :)

    No, I am not Muslim. I suppose I just find it fascinating, and it comes out in my posts.

    I know when I started trying to find my religious 'feet', I considered Islam, and learned that much of what I thought about it was wrong, and the fascination hasn't left.

  3. okey :)
    thank you for your awnser :)
    and have a nice day!
    and also! I love books too

  4. So if you read about Islam more, you might eventually convert to it? I went to Syria recently and was given three volumes on "The History of Islam." Over 2,000 pages. I hope to read it eventually. :-)

    I enjoy reading your thoughts on things including Islam.

  5. Susanne,

    Well, I've learned to 'never say never', but I sincerely doubt it.

    There are many things in Islam that just don't make sense, and I don't believe that Mohammed was a prophet.


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