Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Testimony of Grace

I don't typically make announcements when I add a blog to my blog roll, because no one cares but me. :)

However, I've been meaning to add Muhala's blog, Testimony of Grace to the list, but I have forgetfulness. ;)

Muhala has undertaken the task of writting a book on the new movement of headcovering that has emerged. It's a wonderful project, and something that I wish had existed when I first felt the pull to cover. At the time, at first all I could find were testimonies and books from the Muslim perspective. I did eventually find other Christian women who covered and were talking about it, but I believe that this book would have made things a lot easier for me.

I'm fairly certain that the few people who come here are already aware of Muhala and what she's doing, but just in case, I'm making the announcement.

So, go over there, and check it out. If you're covering, please consider telling her your story, if you're comfortable. You never know who your own journey might resonate with.


  1. I feel the same way you do about "wishing there had been a book." I know that in some ways, because it was more difficult for us to find encouragement from other women, and to find what in the world we were supposed to cover with and how, we were strengthened by God alone and only sometimes by the support of our husbands. Yet this internet does have its good points, and has really shown me more and more about our Creator God's grace and Kingship in many ways, regarding his last creation: us women. I too hope that by our writing out our thoughts and experiences online, and now, in Muhala's book (or maybe in the future, even more books like it!), more women will be reached and encouraged, not only to consider this headcovering "thing" in the first place, but to continue living and growing in the Lord's will. I am truly comforted knowing that "I am not alone". :)

  2. You know, I never thought about that-

    It was only through God's strength that I started to cover.

    I can only hope that Muhala's book will be the first among many. :)

    And for all the problems that the net creates, it does let us search and find out that we're not alone, even if the others are on the other side of the world.

  3. Well said, both of you. Pray me -- indeed, pray US -- through this whole project. I'm working on it now, even as I type this! Amber, I had to hunt down your blog, even though it's probably on my blogroll! (I really AM trying to get organized here!). And dear one, I do hope you get to feeling better/happier soon. Need a listening ear? I'm only an email away.


  4. *waves to Muhala*

    Thanks, but it was just general 'bleh'-ness at the universe.

    Someone came along and gave me a logistical problem to work out, and I felt better. :)


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