Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Like Horror Movies, and I Don't Think That's a Sin

So, yesterday was RCIA class, and we were covering, in some vague way, morality. What is morality, and what is immorality. This has very little to do with that.

On the break, I was talking with two of the other students. We're all about the same age, and we like some of the same things. Namely, horror movies. *pause for gasps of horror* Yes, yes, buckets of blood and gore. Anyway, we were talking about My Bloody Valentine. And one of the teachers walked by. Not one of the priests, not one of the deacons. Just a woman who sometimes teaches us.

And she was just livid at the idea of three grown women watching horror movies! On and on about how disgusting they were and that we should know better, and would we let our children watch these? Well a) none of us have children and b) no. She thinks that we should call for the banning of such things. But here's the thing for me. I'm an adult. I can tell the difference between fantasy (however dark) and reality. Children cannot. Just because a kid shouldn't be exposed to something, does that mean it shouldn't exist? I don't think so. Kids shouldn't drive cars, who's calling for the banning of cars? Kids shouldn't drink, and I don't see anyone trying to ban alcohol on that basis.

If you don't want to watch horror or fantasy, or heck, any television/movie at all, that's your choice. I choose to watch them. I enjoy them.

When it comes to children, it is the parents responsibility to police what your children are doing. Not mine. If you want your children to reject such things as adults, then you have to lay the foundation when they're young, and willing to listen to you.

Of course, I disagree with this woman a lot. She had a huge problem with her son reading a banned book in high school (a Catholic high school) in an English class. The teacher wanted the students to read the book so they could see what it was, and then they were going to discuss and learn and understand why it was banned. And she flipped. Okay, I don't like the idea of banning books anyway, but, the teacher's reason seems logical enough to me. Of course, this is just the woman's version of it, so I'm not even sure we got the whole story.

I'm of the opinion that, "All knowledge is worth having." And yes, the thought has crossed my mind that I'd have been the one to get kicked out of Eden, probably even without Crawley. Tree of Knowledge? Gimme.

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