Friday, February 6, 2009


Ad Rep on Motorcycle,

Yes, you may believe that your motorcycle, and your leather jacket, and the little leather hat that insist on wearing inside the office make you James Dean. (They don't, by the by...)

However, your 'cool factor' doesn't mean that you are immortal. When coming into the office drive, perhaps you would be better served by staying in your own lane, and not cutting across mine, to zip in all the faster.

And then, when you come by about an hour later, to apologize for 'scaring' me, and I finally realize who the man on the motorcycle was, when I look confused and you say, 'Well you made a face...' do not be surprised when I go:

"Oh, that was you? That wasn't fright. I was thinking, 'God, what an idiot.' Most people speed up to that stop sign and then jerk to a halt. Most people would have hit you."

The face you make when I say 'idiot' amuses me. What did you think I was going to say?

In a fight between your motorcycle and my SUV, the SUV would win. I would feel bad, but I would not be the one in the hospital, or the morgue. So please, be more careful. I have no desire to write your obituary.

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