Tuesday, June 9, 2009


EDIT: You can still give me opinions, cause I like to hear 'em, but I splurged and bought both! I'm weak.

Opinion time again! Because really, that's why ya'll're here, is so I can bounce fashion choices off you. ;-)

I present, two jilbab. Well, according to the site, one abaya and one jilbab. Though, if what I've understood from some posts on the subject at Pixie's site, both are Qur'anic jilbab, but the styles have been given differing names, i.e. abaya and jilbab. I know, not something you needed to know. *hand wavey*

Wrap abaya:

Very basic, but I still like it, and I *believe* it's the same kind that I've seen on Coffee Catholic.

Hooded jilbab:

Ummm...it's gotta hood. Doesn't that make everyone happy?

Both of these are from Al-Mujalbaba.

Both are basically the same price, and both come in a size that will fit me. Also, both come in a variety of colors. Um, yeah. So. Thoughts?

Also, I blame Coffee Catholic for this. *points finger in direction of Scotland* This is all your fault!


  1. wail... its not fair... surely you dont expect me to actually CHOOSE between the two? :0(

    Both are gorgeous ... you need them both... YOU DO!

  2. Well if you can't get both I vote for the Abaya style. I think it looks very comfortable and versitile but considering I own a few and love them I'm probably biased. This may sound weird but if you live near a Savers or Value Village they put out all thier "costume" looking clothing at the end of september and through October. I've found beautiful Abayas and Kameeze there for very reasonable prices.

  3. I like the blue one. The 2nd one looks like the Grim Reaper. :)

  4. I like the hooded style better! Supposedly not great to wear with hijab though. Doesn't drape as well because of the hood...

  5. Ahavah,

    I'm thinking about it! This is sort of a birthday present to myself, and I have the extra money at the moment....*wibbles* I do want them both...

  6. crafty-viking,

    I'm considering getting both.

    I don't have either one of those stores anywhere near where I live. :-(

    However, if I'm ever somewhere where they do have them, now I know to stop in. :)

  7. Susanne,

    It does, doesn't it? But I don't have to get it in black. That's just the picture they had up on the site. It comes in different colors.

  8. Candice,

    Since I don't wear hijab all the time, or even most of the time, that wouldn't be an issue.

    So far, two votes for both, two votes for the abaya style (I'm counting crafty-viking twice), and one for hooded. Hmm....

  9. Money spent on modesty can never be bad :-)

    What colours did you get??

  10. Michelle,

    That's kind of the conclusion I came to too. :)

    I got the abaya in light blue and the jilbab in a light bronze/brown color. I didn't think about it at the time, but instead of being mistaken for the grim reaper, I could be taken for a jedi. :)


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