Monday, June 29, 2009

Hijab-ified Amber - now, with added jilbab

Jilbab came, so you get pictures.

First, the abaya. It's a dark blue.

Abaya with pretty new khimar....

Another with the same combo, only this time, you get a goofy grin...

Jilbab. Showing off my hood. If nothing else, I can be a Jedi or something with this.
With one of my pashminas.
Now, I must confess, when I got these, and threw the abaya on, I went, 'oh hells, this is *so* unflattering!' and the same with the jilbab. They take away my shape! I think I look even fatter than I am in these. The jilbab is a bit better, but...still. I resolved, take the pictures, get it over with. And, I have to say, the jilbab, at least, has grown on me. It's *meant* to take away my curves. Yes, there could be a lot less of me, and believe it or not, I used to be even bigger. However, I wandered around for awhile in the jilbab/pashmina, doing house stuff. It's growing on me.
But, if ya'll wanna tell me they don't look bad, feel free. ;)


  1. I understand how you feel about looking bigger. I actually gained weight in jilbab because you don't really know how big you are when your not trying to fit into jeans Amber.

    But, you are doing this for God, and you look SO beautiful. I really love the brown/beige one SO much. Wow, I was speechless after seeing how pretty all of it was. It will get easier to wear everyday! Love you.

  2. I really like the jilbabs. I agree with Lisa that the brown looks really nice. I love abayas and jilbabs too, but my husband doesn't like them so much, so I usually stick with long skirts.
    I was wondering if you could send me an invite to read your other blog by the way. You can reach me at
    God bless.

  3. Lisa,

    Thank you! I think the problem with the abaya is that it's just so dark. It doesn't work well with me.

  4. Stacy,

    *cackles madly* One perk of not being married is I can go off and do wacky stuff like wear jilbab and there's no one to consult! :)

    I do think the brown works better, just because it's a little different cut, and the abaya's so dark...

    It's actually not my blog, but Michelle's. She's the one who has to invite can email her at

  5. Oh WOW WOW WOW! You look great!! Hey, if you want some extra hijabs from my collection (I'm weeding out the ones I don't wear, or which I've accidentally ordered two of...) then email me your address at

    (Yes, there are supposed to be 2 rr's hehehe)

    I know how you feel about the "I look so much fatter in this" because I went through the same exact thing LOL! From the looks of your photos, you and I are very close in size. I'm 5' 7" so I tend to be quite heavy compared with most of my fellow wimmins.

    I've come to the same "Duh" moment as you: "Well, the abayas, jilbabs, and kaftans are SUPPOSED to not show off my curves!" The more I see photos of women in these kinds of outfits, the more "normal" they become to my mind BUT... I don't see very meany buxom lasses like myself. So I order these things off the web with one image in my mind and then put them on and see a totally different image. "OMG! I'm a sofa!"

    But no. We buxom ladies are not ugly. We are not "bad" or "immoral." We are not out of control hogs snarfing down 16 helpings of food. We humans come in all sizes and shapes. :-)

    Sadly, in our society, food and eating have become moral issues while things like sleeping around, having abortions, dressing like prostitutes etc have been made holy sacraments!! If you starve yourself into unnatural thinness, but do nothing else for anyone else in the world, you're a "good" woman. But if you're fat and yet you live morally by the Law of God and live out the precepts of the book of James, "Faith without works is dead", you're still evil.

    How twisted, eh?

    I say, I'm already fat. Who cares if I look fatter? LOL!

  6. I clicked on the pic of you in the dark abaya ~ it's not bad at all! Just doesn't go with the scarf. (I have the same scarf!!! Tooooo funky hehehe! I love it!)

    You look fine in the dark abaya and I totally dig your flip-flops! (zori?)

    I felt creepy super-sizing your pic and oggling you LOLOL!!!!

    Have you been able to wear these things outside? I was juuust getting brave enough and then this latest murder took place. **Sigh** Well, I need a bit of time to find a way to sew snaps on the front of my abaya ~ it blows open in the wind here! (I have three: Fushia, brick, and periwinkle!)

  7. I give in... I am going to have to get me some of these! I am just loving them...

    Actually - does anyone have a pattern for them? They can't be THAT hard to make surely... still if they are I will get my dress-maker beavering away..... :0D

  8. Michelle,

    Thank you!

    And thank you, you can expect an email from me shortly. :)

    *blinks* You're kidding...we probably are about the same size then, I'm 5'7" too (though if you ask my sister, I'm a midget...), and have the same, *achem* buxomy issues as compared to other women.

    I've been tooling around the house in these since I got 'em, and they are growing on me. It's a mental adjustment. I did, I looked at the pictures on the page, and I was imagining, 'I'll get these, and it'll be gorgeous and modest and I'll look like a whole different person!' and I do, but it's not the person I was seeing in my head, you know?

    Society and weight...grrr. You know, I am overweight, fat, whatever. I know it, and yes, I am working to loose weight, but it's for health reasons. I don't want to wind up diabetic, I want to be able to do physical things that I can't do right now because they're too demanding. And there are a lot of reasons that I'm overweight, but society's view of size/weight/beauty is one of them!

    Growing up, I didn't understand like I do now, about genetics and body type and all that. Growing up, I always felt fat, but I *wasn't*! So, when I did start to put on weight, I ignored it, when I might have been able to nip some of it in the bud, because in my mind, I had always been fat! I know better now, and I will never, never ever be some tiny little girl. Even if I was solid, lean muscle, I'd still be 'too big'. My *bones* are thicker than the 'perfect woman'. And I'm good with that. I really am. I struggle to loose weight because I know that it's something I need to do for my health, not for anyone else. Society can kiss my big white behind!

    Yes, but I did resist the urge to get my toy lightsaber out and take a picture! :)

    *nods* I think you might be right, actually. I was trying to lighten it up because the abaya was so dark, but it didn't really work out, did it? :)

    Hee. Don't worry, I know you had no creepy intent. :) I haven't worn them out in public yet, but I plan to wear the brown one out on Sunday. I'm waffling about wearing the scarf like that, or just over my hair, leaving my neck open. I can't decide if it's too much too soon.

    Murder? What? Okay, I'm sure you've written about it on your blog, I'll head over there.

  9. Ahavah,

    They're *very* comfy, and I shouldn't think they'd be hard to make...

    I seem to recall seeing a pattern...

    Not sure how helpful that is...

  10. Amber, the best thing you can do is aim for **fitness**, not weight loss. I highly recommend the eye-opening book, "The Diet Myth." It shows that the real research proves that being fat does not doom you to bad health ~ but being **unfit** is what does everyone in!

    For example, did you know that being a mere 5 pounds underweight nearly doubles your mortality? But being fat-and-fit does not?? And that the BMI charts are a total fraud and not based on any medical science??

  11. I have a huge skeleton too. I once paid $275 for a personal trainer. (painful for a college student to come up with the cash!!) She did all of the correct measurements and told me I had a huge skeleton and that it would be unsafe for me to weigh less then 190lbs. Meanwhile the BMI charts in the doctor's offices were like, "You got to weigh 120 - 145 pounds!"

    If you work out towards fitness you'll more then likely GAIN weight because you'll gain muscle! Then, you might lose some weight ~ anything that was extra. But if you do it right, and healthy, you'll stay "fat" because anything more then a size ZERO is fat!

  12. I totally understand about not feeling they are unflattering! I just got an abaya I ordered last week and it really does remove all of my curves! That was the point though, and I've gotten used to it from wearing it around the house. I wore it out once with a little jacket over.

    I think you look great with them! They're made to be modest and covering your form.

  13. Michelle,

    Thanks, I'm going to pick up that book. Perhaps I am looking at this the wrong way. I know I'll never be what everyone else considers the 'right' size, but I've always looked at it in terms of my weight, and I do carry about some unneeded fat. I'd never heard that about the five pounds under, or really any of that. I've always been told that my ideal weight was 150, and just believed it because it was a doctor telling me so. I hate to think that I've been angsting for years over this and it was all wrong.

  14. Candice,

    Thanks! I've been wearing them in the house, and will wear the brown one out on Sunday. :)

  15. "I hate to think that I've been angsting for years over this and it was all wrong."

    Er... so maybe I shouldn't tell you that the BMI charts were invented by an insurance salesman so that he could jack up his premium prices? And that he had absolutely no medical or science training? That the BMI charts *still* in use by doctors as an indicator of our health - wrongly based on our SIZE - are total frauds?? That the key is "Fitness At Any Size" ?? (Google that!)

    (Or is it Health At Any Size??)

  16. Michelle,

    No, you totally and completely need to tell me these things! :)

    Apparently no one else will...


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