Monday, June 22, 2009

Woodpeckers and Grasshoppers

Okay, this is not the 'post of content' that I was thinking about making, but I've got a bunch of nature pics, so you get a nature post.

These were taken on Wednesday, when I was cleaning bad tomatoes out of the garden I came across this big grasshopper. My dad called him a 'looger', but I can't find any such thing though the all knowing Google.
Saturday he was hanging out on our pool cage.

And today he was on one of the sunflower leaves.

Woodpeckers, of the juvenile variety. They're two of them, but I admit they're kind of hard to see. The video below *point* is my attempt to make sure you can see them. On the right, you can see one of them moving.
They're nest was in this big old dead tree. They've just started flying out and about.


  1. I am well impressed - little bird video is brill.... took me a while to work out which 'right'... but I got there in the end.... :0D

  2. Ahavah,

    Glad the vid worked, and yeah, sorry. I didn't think to mention *your* right. :)

    I missed the pics where a dove ran the woodpeckers off and then they retaliated. They were all moving too fast for me. :)


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