Monday, June 29, 2009

Piglet - Outward Hound - Extreme Dog!


Piglet is my sister's chihuahua. We bought her a little life jacket and are teaching her to swim. Now, none of our dogs are ever alone near the pool, and we would never leave any of them alone in the pool, especially not Pig, who couldn't climb out if she needed to, because her little legs are too short.

This is Pig being introduced to the concept of large bodies of water. My mom's holding onto her.

This is her second or third & dad kept moving a little further apart each time.
Pig, having successfully completed day one of her training! She then got a bath to get the pool water off and ran around the house like a nut.


  1. I had no idea they had doggie life jackets! I laughed seeing this little sweetheart. Love you and what a great idea.

  2. Lisa,

    Yep! See the handle on the back? They're really made for people who take their dogs on boats or something. The handle's there so if the dog falls overboard you can scoop them up with a boat hook or just reach over and grab 'em. But we don't have a boat, and wouldn't take the dogs if we did. Piggy gets a life vest so we can take her in the pool on a raft.

  3. What an awful name for such a lovely little girl.... how did she land that one?

    I am somewhat mollified though that you have given her a little float-aid - she looks totally squeezibly-hugglilicious in it...

  4. Ahavah,

    Now, see, I think it's a cute name!

    Piglet got her name because of a few things:

    1. She snorts, and snuffles at her food when she eats.

    2. She was born without a complete tail. You can't see it, because she keeps it tucked to her butt most of the time, but she has a little nub tail, and it curls just a little at the very end.

    3. She's almost totally white, so when she was a puppy and her fur was thinner and more translucent, her skin showed through, and she was pinkish.

    Therefore, Piglet!

    And she is totally and unquestionably cute and squishable. And she has just the sweetest temperment ever!

  5. Susanne,

    She is the cutest dog ever!

  6. welllllll Piglet was the name of the sweet little one - one of Pooh Bear's friends...

    I think she is more of a 'Princess Pasha' myself...

  7. Ahavah,

    That too. :) We have a Pomeranian as well, who we got after we got Piglet. My mother wanted to name her 'Pooh-Bear' so we'd have Piglet and Pooh, but I refused to be the one running around the yard calling 'Pooh!' 'Pooh!' ;)

    So she got named Chewbacca instead.

    I've run Princess Pasha by her. She approves of the Princess part... :)


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