Friday, June 12, 2009

Sex, Ducks and Fire

First, the fire portion! That's my hand after playing in some of the sooty stuff that's come floating down in our yard.

Next, not a duck, a mocking bird. My dog has killed several of these guys. Not the Pomeranian, my Shiba Inu. He's our 'great white hunter'.

Duck on a flag pole.


Same ducks, a little closer.

Same ducks, closer still.

I actually got parallel to them, but they flew off before I could get the picture.

That's all...

Oh, wait, I said something about sex, you say?

I can't believe I....

Well...okay, if you insist.

Kids out of the room?

I give!

Lizard love!

First time my dad saw these two, he thought they were fighting. This same pair keeps mating on our pool screen. It's embarrassing.


  1. This is the weirdest post ever sweetie! How did you get the soot on your hands, as you can tell I'm an idiot. And those ducks, of all the places to sit?!?! I mean that flagpole doesn't look even slightly comfortable. Oh well, I guess it's better than electric wires or something. This was so funny. Those lizards are totally on top of each other, I can only see the two tails. Ugh. Great photos. Love you dear.

  2. Why where you playing in 'sooty stuff that was floating down'? erm thinking about it why was the sooty stuff floating down?

    I am not saying a word about the lizards... nope.... da nada.... for goodness sakes can't you rig up a privacy blanket for them? :0D

  3. Lisa,

    I aim to be unique. :)

    Well, the soot came mostly from my picking up the burnt palm leaf bits that were falling into my yard and smooshing them in my hand. :)

    I suppose, if you're a bird, that the top of the flag pole can't be that bad. It's very popular in our yard at least, though that is the first duck I've seen up there.

    Yeah, the lizards do look like they'd merged, don't they?

  4. Ahavah,

    Because I'm five sometimes. ;)

    The sooty stuff was from a controlled burn they were doing at the nature preserve a few miles from us. I did a little video, but it was too big, and I was brain dead when I decided to post this, so I forgot to include the information that was in the video. :)

    I tried setting up a little tent for the lizards, but they appear to be exhibitionists!

  5. great excuse to wear a hijab then.. if anyone asks... you can say that its a world's first - a personal portable privacy blanket to protect unsuspecting innocent humans from various nefarious lizoid activities.... and would they like to buy one for themselves?

    You could be onto a money maker here! :0D

  6. Wow, it sounds really hot but sweetly tropical where you are. Knowing that there's palm trees. I can take the heat, but I need to be looking at a Fiji palm tree if I'm going to :)

    Exhibitionists, huh? This lizard romp would be a pretty hilarious science fair project. Can you imagine a little boy bringing them in hoping to get a 100 for demonstrating mating season? :)

    Hijab would help. What if one of those ducks poops down on you from the flagpole :)

  7. Ahavah,

    That's too funny! I was actually trying to write the commercial for it in my head!

    Lizoid licentiousness!

  8. Lisa,

    It's...I think we're technically subtropical. We get hot, we get humid.

    I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Lots of palm trees, lots of beaches. Find the right one, and you're in heaven. :)

    I actually did take lizard eggs in in elementary school for show and tell. I was devastated when one of my friends accidentally broke one! She'd killed the poor little baby lizard! Never mind that I'd probably killed them by removing them from the nest...

    And, truth be told, I'd probably rather the bird poop on me than my clothes. I was easier.

    Also, the flag pole's in the middle of a grass island in the middle of the drive, right next to/in the middle of a big palmetto. The birds can't poop on us from the flag pole.


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