Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

Yes, tv show again. I have a tv on all the time, when home, because it helps me ignore the strange noises in the house. It was a fun movie/pilot. The point, however, is this:

My new life plan is to move to Botswana and become a detective! The character Precious is so brilliant! She sort of stumbles into solving the cases, but whatever. She's friendly, she's funny (sometimes without meaning to be), and all the bright colors. *Everyone* dresses so colorfully, and 99% of the time, the women are wearing brightly colored scarves on their heads. I'd fit right in!
Yes, there are flaws to the plan. A) Show is fictional B) I don't speak Botswanan (not the actual name of the language) C) not a detective. Aside from all that, perfect! Forget being a farm wife! I've read Sherlock Holmes, and every Batman comic ever! I can do this.
But seriously, if I could get away with dressing like they do on the show, and not have people staring at me like a circus freak? I would.


  1. I heard about it and can't wait to watch. Apparently, the show is good in part because it's more about life than the murder she wrote death. It sounds really fun, but unfortunately Amber I lack HBO! I also really want to see Big Love, but probably need to wait on the DVD. Don't worry, I'm not considering polygamy :)

    I also heard that the lead actress is very good.

    Love you so much dear!

  2. We thought this was 'genteel' tv viewing. Surprisingly enjoyable.

  3. Lisa,

    It really was an excellent show. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. :)

    There were several cases in the movie, and only one of them had a murder involved. The others were more domestic issues. Still mysteries, and fun, but the show wasn't all about the death and destruction.

    Big Love is also a great show. I think, for people who would be interested in polygamy, it would make them think twice. Yes, it's a tv version, but all the problems and headaches the family has? Are fairly realistic for the most part. Not the ones dealing with the Grants or the Greens, perhaps, but more the family squabbles and issues.

  4. Ahavah,

    You know, I didn't really think about it until you said it was 'genteel' tv, but there was no blood, no guts, no nudity, very, very little sexualized content, and I can't recall any foul language. *blinks* Why is it on HBO again?


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