Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm a person that needs rigid structure in my life.

I have a pattern, a schedule, and I do *not* appreciate changes to it. It is sacrosanct, and should there be alteration, there had damn well better be good reason for it. I sometimes joke that I have OCD, everything *must* be done a certain way, in a certain order, at a certain time, and everything has its place, and, believe me, I will *know* if you have touched things.

I've come to realize that this extends to my choice of religion. I cannot stomach denominations that are touchy feely, move as the spirit moves you. I want order! I want a clear and concise set of rules, both for worship, and life. That's all. It's not too much to ask, is it? I don't want to be left with 'wiggle room'. Because I will wiggle right through it. I can't help it. If there's a loophole, I will find it, and I will take advantage of it. And it's not my fault, because ya'll shouldn't have left the loophole there.

Someone told me that I live in a prison. I don't do anything spontaneously, I have no joy, no soul to my life. *pft* Here's the thing, if this is prison? I've certainly locked *myself* in, and I have the key.


  1. You know, I love your blog... your honesty is refreshing like a rain on a hot summers day.

  2. I think I understand what you mean about wanting rules or structure anyway. Maybe this is why going back under the Mosaic Law has some appeal to you. You want direction on what exactly is permissible to eat and wear and do. Sorry, had to tease you. :-D

    Hmmmm, I'm not really into the touchy-feely denominations as well, BUT I would caution against not listening to the Spirit since He is not bound by our human rules and traditions. He doesn't always go according to how WE think is logical.

    Yikes...I hope I didn't come across scolding or anything. I really LOVE that you are candid about what you like and need. It's just what came to mind when I read your words. Maybe you meant something totally different.

    Actually I'm a lot like you. I like order and schedule ...not so big on changes. :-)

  3. Right on! You want to know exactly how the order of worship is going to go from the opening marks to reading the homily to sharing communion and on to the benediction.

    Rarely, have I agreed more with a post Amber. The touchy-feely Sufi dhikr which seems almost like busting out an Ouija board in hopes of a sign doesn't work with that personality. Nor I presume would Hinduism or Buddhism. And my guess is that some of these new evangelical offshoots that go where the wind takes them without a real, old fashioned service are out too.

    And you know what? You get more done when things are orderly. You get in and out faster when you take the time to make a grovery list. And when you have a religion that's orderly, it leaves extra time that those loving spontaneity lose out on. Extra and valuable time to be with God. Much love this Lent.

  4. Ahavah,

    Glad to hear it! :) I enjoy having you stop in!

  5. Susanne,

    *heh* *waggles eyebrows* You've discovered my secret! *grin* The thought had crossed my mind that this personality trait and my interest in Mosaic Law might be connected. It's partially why I'm determined to take it slow. ;-)

    No worries about coming across as scolding or anything. I certainly want to hear what you think. :) And you're always nice.

    Also, you're right. I guess.. hmm...there's a line, somewhere. It's somewhat indefinable for me though, in words. There's allowing the Spirit to move, and then there's throwing yourself down in an aisle, frothing at the mouth, shouting at the top of your lungs. Or riding a motorcycle onto a stage. Or places that want to hug everyone. Or...well...look at a tv evangelist, and go from there. All these things make me uncomfortable. They're... disrespectful, if that makes any sense. They turn me off, whatever the message might be.

  6. Lisa,

    Exactly! One of the things I love is knowing that I can go to any Catholic church in the world, and the service will follow the same order.

    There's a sense of respect and purpose in every movement.

    No, none of those religions or denominations would work for me. Not enough order, too much do as you please.

    And, again, exactly! There's formal worship, and when it's ordered, and purposeful, it leaves you in a better place, mentally. And, to my mind, spiritually. And you can spend more time in private, personal worship. I tend to do that in nature, sitting in a pile of dirt, watching the wind, or a bird, or a bug. Or a gator. :) Just *feeling*. But that's me, alone. Public, formal worhsip needs to have a structure, or it turns into a free for all.

  7. "There's allowing the Spirit to move, and then there's throwing yourself down in an aisle... They're... disrespectful, if that makes any sense. They turn me off, whatever the message might be."

    Yes, that makes total sense! I totally agree and am the same way. :-) Hmmm, learning from the Scriptures we see how the Spirit always glorifies and draws attention to Jesus. So if He moves in a service, I picture Him bringing praise and honor to the Lord NOT turning people off by the things you mentioned. Those actions seem to draw attention to people, not Christ. And that IS a big turn off.

    Glad I figured out why the Mosaic law holds that appeal to! :-D


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