Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Morning's Radio

So, Catholic Answers Radio this morning was apparently an open forum. I was channel surfing and caught a part of it.

The first question I missed, but got part of the answer. I'm guessing that the questions was something like: 'why don't we follow the Mosaic Law?' only, of course, more complicated. The apologist/guest (and I missed part of the answer), said that because Jesus fulfilled the law, none of it was binding on Christians. We were, instead, to obey natural law - laws that human reason could come up with on its own. For example, worshiping the Creator is natural law. The *day* and *manner* of worship is not. Okay, well, clearly, not *everyone* can come up with that one. See atheists, or deists who believe in a Creator, but don't believe that there is a need to worship. Or that homosexuality is against natural behavior. However, if we look at nature, homosexual behavior exists in animals. So...not so much there either. He (Jim Blackburn) did an article on the topic for This Rock - Why We Are Not Bound By Everything in the Old Law. Which is just an expansion of the point. Natural law, plus what Jesus taught (as conveyed through Tradition and Scripture).

And *then* - the next question was from a women. She had been raised by a Jewish family, and later converted to Catholicism when she married her husband. In the church bulletin, her parish was advertising a Passover Seder that they were holding. And she wanted to know, seeing as how this is a sacred event for the Jews, should the Church really be doing this? Or would Jewish people be insulted? The apologist said that the parish was likely doing it as an educational thing, what was the Last Supper like, that sort of thing. And that Jewish people whould, I can't remember if he said 'flattered', but if that wasn't the exact word, it was something similar. And the woman was...'Really?' And he said, 'Well, they *should* be.' *headdesk* Fail.

Okay, the way this woman was drawing the comparison, the Passover Seder is like a sacrament to observant Jews. But...they should be flattered that people who don't believe in what it represents, are imitating it. So, by that thought process, Catholics should be flattered when non-Catholics go to Confession, or receive Communion. Yeah. Fail.


  1. are so funny! I love how you act things out on your posts. :-)

    Good point!

  2. Thank you. :) The scary part is, this is basically how my thoughts flow anyway...


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