Wednesday, March 11, 2009

But Your Hair's Beautiful....

So, one of the women at work *really* wanted to see my hair.

The last time she saw it it was short and a rainbow of colors. Today, I walked by a conference room and she was in there alone, so I shot in there and closed the door and whipped off my scarf.

'Your hair's so long! And it's so shiny! You should leave the scarf off!' 'But your hair is so beautiful! You should wear it out and let everyone be jealous!'

*sigh* But I don't *want* to cause jealousy! I'll admit, I love my hair. I think it's lovely, and honestly one of my best features. I'm not bragging, it's simply a statement of fact. I have pretty hair. And that's a part of why I cover it. It's glorious, it's my glory, and I'm covering it. So other women don't feel even a tiny pang of jealousy. So men don't even have a second of thought for it.

Yes, I cover because I believe God commanded it, but modesty has become a big part of it too.

I like to imagine, one day, my wedding night, and being able to take my hair down for my husband, and only him, for the first time.

Edit: to say...I've gotten so good at tying on the scarf, I don't even need a mirror to do it.


  1. That's sweet that you want to do that for your future husband. :-)

  2. I thought you were converting...

    (sorry I'm a new reader.)

    in any event I've gotten the same all too often, it's hard for others to understand that because I'm gorgeous I don't want to flaunt it about.


    good post.

  3. I love this. You don't get to this point by yourself. This is of God. And I'm so happy you are letting Him work in your heart and in your motives. Just GOOD stuff!


  4. I' so excited that you will only show your future husband your beauty.

    Smiling *

    I miss those days. A lot! Love you!

  5. Susanne,

    Just a romantic little notion I've got. It's probably a little silly. :)

  6. Perplxin,

    I am, though I guess it might seem a little odd to use that term when you're switching from one denomination to another. But the Catholic church considers you a convert if you were raised in anything but the Catholic church.

    Well, I would never consider myself gorgeous. I'm plain, and I know it. :) But my hair, I think, is beautiful. And I don't want to cause trouble with it.


  7. Muhala,

    *hugs* Thank you.

    I hope I'm strong enough to get out of my own way sometimes and just let God do what He wants.

  8. Lisa,

    Honestly, it's an idea that I picked up from Islam. I've 'borrowed' certain things, especially modesty standards, that make sense.

    But like I said, it's probably silly and romantic, as far as my theoretical future husband goes.


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