Monday, March 23, 2009

Pretty new scarf

Playing around. Got a new scarf the other day. So...

Typical Amber:

Hijab Amber:

Three things:

a) Lighting is crap, and I look like death. Ignore this, please. Pretty scarf is still pretty, despite being on my head.
b) It actually looks something like hijab. First time I have managed this.
c) Hijab looks silly on me.

On a separate note, my paranoia has died down, and niqab thing looks utterly silly, so forget all that.


  1. am loving the 'pretty scarf'.... but don't think its quite your colour :0D

    Have you been 'colour coded'? -

    You look like you could be an autumn and possibly a yellow tone - and it looks like the scarf is a blue tone/summer.

  2. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing!

    Do you often have people ask if you are Muslim? What do your friends and family think of you covering your hair? I remember your coworker wanted to see your hair and you showed her.

    I enjoy your posts. :-)

  3. Ahavah,

    It's funny, someone else told me yesterday that the color really suited me. :) Honest, the lighting was horrific. I'm going to take better pictures and post them.

    However, I also have a yellow scarf. I'll put that one up too. :)

    Never been 'color coded'. Never even heard of it.

  4. Susanne,

    The pictures are awful, I know. But you're nice about it.

    I've never had anyone ask me if I was Muslim, no, but I don't wear the scarf hijab style in public. I've had people assume that I was Muslim, even one very nice little old Muslim man. :)

    Hmm...reactions are mixed. Mom doesn't understand, and worries that someone is going to take me for a Muslim and attack me. Dad doesn't have thoughts on it, or so he claims. My one grandmother doesn't like it, another doesn't talk to me, so I don't know what she thinks. Most of my friends think I've slipped off the deep end, but they're used to weirdness from me, so this is just something new.

  5. LOL I like the hijab style better:D It looks more like the Madonna than the headband look, but I may be biased in that:D BTW, were you serrious about marriage details? I can ask around for you. Email me at and we can dish details:D

    You look like turquoise suits you.... it is just the lighting.

  6. Pixie,

    I love the way the hijab style looks, I'm just afraid it doesn't suit me, somehow. And yes, you might be a little biased in favor of hijab. :)

    The 'headband' actually covers all my hair, you just can't see it from the pictures. But you're right, Mary would have covered in a fashion much closer to hijab than the way I usually wear the scarf.

    You know...I've got to run right now, but I think I might just email you tomorrow. :-) It's certainly worth a try...

  7. I've had my 'Colour Me Beautiful' book for over 20 years.... my sister was big into this when it first came into fashion

    scroll down to bottom to see the reviews...

    basically we are assessed on which 'season' we belong to spring, summer, autumn or winter and then further coded into blue tones or yellow tones....

    it makes shopping a lot easier I can tell you....

  8. Ahavah,

    Thanks, I'll look into it. I tend to pick out dark colors, when left to my own devices, but I know they don't look the best on me. :)

    Honestly, I'm just not a clothes person. I used to joke that the only reason I wear clothes is so I'm not naked.


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