Saturday, March 28, 2009

Documentary - Friends of God : A Road Trip

So, I dvr'd an HBO documentary on evangelical christians. Once I got past the urge to reach through the screen and start slapping people when they were claiming that dinosaurs were fictional, and that science was evil...okay, then you stop using *everything* that science gave you, and go back to being naked in a cave. *restrains self*

It's half entertaining and half frutstrating. On the one hand, Ted Haggard is one of their shining examples (it's an old documentary), there's Biblical mini-golf, and The Holy Land Experience. I'm kind of squiggy on the whole 'guys running around pretending to be Jesus thing'...on the other, the family with family with ten kids was cute! they have Jerry Falwell on. Excuse me, I have to go slap a man through a tv....


  1. So you don't care for evangelicals, I take it. :-)

    Do you think this documentary was a fair representation or did they highlight the extreme people? I know the media often is criticized for that especially when it comes to Islam. Just curious of your perspective since I've not seen the show you are watching.

    Btw, what does "evangelical" mean to you? I take it you are not one, but I do think there are Catholic evangelicals, right?

    Thanks for sharing your views. Your post made me smile. :-)

  2. *cough* Where on earth would you get that impression, Susanne?

    I'd like to think that the documentary highlighted some of the more extreme people, and in some cases I'm certain that they did. However, since their extreme cases match up with the evangelicals I've been unfortunate enough to run into...

    Evangelicals, in my mind, are the ones who are strictly Bible only, hell fire and brimstone, you're all going to hell!!! *bangs on pulpit* They're also slimy televangelists.

    When you tell a child who is asking questions that she is an evil, dark influence, and if she doesn't stop asking questions God will send her to hell, you've gone off the deep end. *sigh* I may be bitter about some encounters in my youth with Southern Baptists...not that they're all like that! It's just what I see when I hear the term.

    I think there are Catholics who are more similar to the evangelicals in the...emotion and gyration that they put into their services, but they call themselves Charismatics, I believe. And I don't attend those masses. I try not to go places where I know I won't enjoy myself or get anything, spiritually, out of the service.

  3. splutter..... (giggle) ermmm are christian ladies ALLOWED to slap men?

    How about using the finger to prod the OFF button and go and do something less boring instead?


  4. Ahavah,

    Yes, yes we are. I'm certain I recall reading it somewhere.... :)

    And clearly, I am secretly a masochist. Because I do stuff like this all the time. I see something, I know it's just going to make me irate, and I read/watch it anyway.

  5. Amber, I am really sorry about your bad experiences with the Southern Baptists and your impression of evangelicals based on the ones you've met. That's such a bad testimony especially when they are *supposed* to represent Christ.

    I'm glad you realize not all of them are the same way. You are good about that.

    Thanks for explaining this to me. Your post had me curious why you had such a negative reaction to evangelicals. :-)


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