Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scarves...in better light


Amber straight from work-

And no, that's not a bra strap, that's the collar of the shirt I have on under the green one.

Hijab Amber, take 2 & 3:


  1. That yellow one looks especially lovely with your green blouse!

  2. You are so beautiful Amber! I love the blue one with your eyes. You are proof that with hijab, a woman is even more beautiful. Wanting to give you a big hug about now *

  3. Alana,

    Thanks, you really think so?

  4. Lisa,

    Thank you, but I think you exaggerate. The scarves are pretty, not me. :)


  5. Oooh, very pretty! I like the colours! Hijab looks good on you! I think the tied-at-the-back style is cool too. When I do it though, I like to cover more forehead, to give more of a style, yknow? Maybe it would look good on you!

  6. Thank you Candice!

    I may try covering more of the forehead. I do it when I'm playing around with the hijab style, but not so much with the tied back version. Hmm...I like experimenting with the different looks... :)

  7. The green one is the perfect colour on you.....

    since you are in an experimenting mode.... how bout having a go at some of these ones


    The Dutch Crown gives a little more height, the Repunzel is just great fun to wear (and you can do the mix and match thing) but my favourite is the classic tie (I wear this most of the time) I like the 'hanging material' at the back (plus it covers the neck from the back view)

    I lot of our muslim ladies wear a double snood of different colours and then a large scarf over the top of matching colour and they look very pretty. When I tried it - it just didnt 'look' right....

  8. ohh I knew I'd saved it somewhere....

    have fun..... :0D


  9. These ideas from Trendy Hijab are simply wonderful....


    see the third one down? ohh and the one with the lacy snood......

    hours of fun I think

    looking forward to the photo shoot!

  10. Oh dear, Ahavah, you're a bad influence! ;-) Now I'm going to have to play around with the scarves some more!

    Hmm...what to try first...

  11. I was thinking about the comment I made on this post while I was playing around with scarves myself at home. And I was thinking that I forgot to add the covering the ears until right before the earlobes, with this style, is how I find it looks best.

  12. I think you look beautiful esp. in the yellow. I would say that I like the scarves best on you when they are further down on your forehead too. I know that like Candace noted too, it generally looks better to cover most of your ears unless they are particularly small.


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