Friday, March 27, 2009

Should I Wear hijabi style scarf in public?

Am considering wearing hijab-style scarf out in public on Sunday.

Good idea? Y/N?

I know the manner of wrapping the scarf is not *strictly* Muslim, but it is viewed that way by many. Also, I have seen, in 25 years or living in the same town, exactly *one* hijabi, so...not something people are used to seeing around here.


  1. Personally for me, it feels too much like identifying with a group that has traditionally killed and persecuted many many Orthodox Christians. So whenever I do a scarf, I may play with it for a bit in front of my mirror at home, but then seek a style that shows a bit of hair at the front when I go out and about my day.

    Which is sad because the hijabi style that we think of is so darned practical and it doesn't slip off the way other styles do. Sigh.

    For the same reason I won't wear a mennonite style cap either, even though those are also very practical and stay put fairly well.

    So I stay in the random headscarf "look like a cancer victim" or tichel wearer, or just simply strange camp.

  2. i've done it and will likely wear it again. it is a very convenient style because it does stay in place pretty well. for now, I choose not to wear it all that often because I'm not Muslim, and that is what people assume when they see you in it.

    Muslims and Christians have gone back and forth persecuting and killing each other and that isn't so much an issue for me. I say try it, at least once. If you like it, keep it up, if you do it for a while and begin to say "Hm, this feels weird to me" try a different style. (which is generally what I did)

    Sorry, that's a bit more round-about than you probably hoped for. good luck and keep us updated!

  3. Anna over at Veiled Glory did a video turtorial on a semi-hijab look that when I tried it had the adjantage of staying on my head really well and is also different enough from the traditional hijab style look that it might be a nice compromise.

    Another question. In the last month I have read quite a few of the blogs posted y modern day women of several faiths who are interested in dressing modestly. Have any of you thought of setting up a forum or community to allow you to trade and swap modest clothing and accesories. (ie- the head scarf that drives you up the wall might be perfect for someone else or the shirt that is modest in cut on the rack isn't so modest on your body but might be on someone else.) I think a lot of the modest dressers would enjoy being able to trade with their sisters or even just help out the newly modest.


  4. I think it's perfectly fine, but it's up to you if you want to look Muslim to the outside world. It might be worth it for you to avoid that look for that one reason. I know I personally wouldn't want to look like something I'm not, even if it's none of their business.
    To make it look a bit less Muslim, leave your bangs loose and outside the scarf, and wear it loosely so your neck is not fully covered.

  5. I was thinking a little like Candice. The yellow and blue options you wore cast you as a Muslim. You could go with a more Orthodox Jew wrap look that would work as well. Love you so much, and yes it's a great idea Amber!

  6. Thanks you guys. I'll probably do as suggested and do the wrap more loosely or something. I don't have bangs though, so leaving them out isn't an option! :)

    I sort of have a 'screw all y'all' attitude toward what other people might think, but I think I'd rather not be mistaken for a Muslim, just because I'm not, and I hate do to something offensive and be mistaken for a Muslim, and have people making that connection.

    Not that I blunder through social situations all the time or anything... *plasters innocent look firmly on her face*

  7. Taking Alana's words to heart, I do agree to leave a little "second guess" in peoples' minds. Though we both live in towns where hijabi customs are not well-known. Leaving hair peaking out may not be enough for the ignorant to distinguish religious identity.

    That being said, wear what you like! If you feel better covered according to your conscience with more hair/head/neck hidden, then do it and come up with a gracious answer if someone mistakenly greets you as a muslim.


  8. Anna,

    I decided, in the end, that I wasn't really comfortable going out like that. The looser versions of the wraps didn't make me feel any better about it either. :)

    I did play around with some of the different ways of tying from the websites Ahavah pointed out. Some of them I kind of like, but I need a bit more practice before I take them out on the road, as it were.

  9. You could wear a big crucifix around your neck with it, lol! That should do it. My husband recently saw someone wearing like a hijab and abaya but with a large crucifix pendant.

  10. Sarah,

    Perhaps an Orthodox nun? I think their habits are sometimes really similar to hijab.

    Or...just someone confused. :)

  11. I would say do whatever makes you feel comfortable and causes you to remember to worship God. Its definitely easier too when you live in a city with more Muslims or even Indian women who wear hijabs and veils. I tend to wear mine more just at home and when I'm with my Somali friends. Otherwise, I tend to wrap in the Egyptian/Spanish style when I'm out and about when I do decide to cover.


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