Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fic: The Women

I have no idea where I was going with just sort of peters out.


Britt would chase anything that moved. That had always been the way, ever since he'd discovered the species known as girl. He was neither picky nor discriminating.

Was she pretty and willing? Then he was there.

Blonde, brunette, red head, short, tall, whatever. It never mattered.

And there was no predicting who he would bring back to the house. Never any rhyme or reason. He didn't go through a phase of one or the other. It was just whoever caught his eye at that moment.

So it didn't take long for Kato to notice that Britt's pattern of no pattern had changed.

It started with brunettes. One brunette leaving the house early in the morning meant nothing. But when it was a brunette every single time for a month it became important. A hint that something had changed. So Kato started to pay closer attention to the women.

There were subtle changes along the way. Long curly hair disappeared for straight hair. Then the hair got progressively shorter, though it stopped around bob length. Soft curves gave way to runners' bodies, long and lean. Then came the women who clearly focused on strength as well - delicate feminine muscles that tensed and moved beneath smooth skin with unconscious grace. Beautiful, every one.

Britt hovered there for a while, seeing women of that general description for several months. Then brunettes gave way to women with sleek black hair. These women tended to be colder, more arrogant than the others and Kato had no idea where Britt was finding them. They ignored Kato, treated him like a piece of the scenery and none of them ever lasted long.

Then came a boys' night. In the aftermath, when Kato woke the next morning on his stomach in a nest of blankets and pillows in the middle of Britt's floor, he found Britt staring at him. His expression was intent and very serious until he realized that Kato was awake. Then he became all loud noises and jerky movements, poking at everything and anything.

The women went from pale mistresses of the night or tanned sun goddesses to slightly different shades. The woman who lasted the longest, a whole month, was Korean. She at least had been polite, right up until the fight. Britt had forgotten about her and their date, gotten lost in the details of Kato's latest project which he was fascinated by even though he was forbidden to touch anything and she'd stormed into the garage. The sight of them greasy and crouched next to one of the cars stopped her short and her eyes flicked from Britt to Kato and then back again.

She had spit something that was probably unpleasant at them in Korean and then turned and stormed out again, muttering under her breath the entire way.

Britt had looked puzzled and Kato had just shrugged and gone back to pointing out the newest modifications he'd made, flicking Britt's hands every time he tried to look with his hands.


  1. How do you write so much? I have bursts of productivity but then I have difficulty writing anything for awhile. I would love to be able to keep coming back with more work like this.

    Aw. This Britt sounds adorable. I was watching the old Green Hornet series on Syfy last week, and it was cute and fun, but I think I'm going to like the movie a lot better. And fanfic best! That's always the case, though. :)

    Good job!

  2. Is it a lot? So I shouldn't tell you I'm filling prompts over at the Dresden kinkmeme, then, huh? :D

    Really though, I don't know. I've gone through periods where I didn't write anything for years. I think it's just that I'm happy in a fandom, so I write. I express my love through fic!

    Britt is *cute*! Okay, I love Seth Rogen anyway, but Britt is just...he's fluffy on the outside but wounded and kind of a huge child in some ways. And ah, yeah. I kind of want to cuddle him.


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