Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Uncomfortable Conversations

Ever had one of those conversations with a parent where you know that they're hearing what you say but they're not listening. They don't want to know the thing that you're saying, so they're nodding along and saying 'yes, yes, but.'

I have this same conversation with my mother every so often. I've been having it with her since I was about 14 and it goes the same way every time.

'Mom, you do know that I - '

'Yes, I know. But I think - '

So why do I bother? It's a dead air conversation.


  1. You bother because you hope one day it will click and your mother will take what you are saying seriously. And maybe one day it will. :)

    Actually I'd love to know what it is you are talking about that your mom so readily and repeatedly dismisses, but in the spirit of trying to not be so nosy about people's private conversations, I won't ask.

    I just hope your mom listens to you one day and recognizes that she should take your perspective with some seriousness. I certainly do! :D

  2. Oh look, a theme. I had that conversation with my little sister (who was also speaking for my mom, sort of) last night, and I've been huffing and puffing about it ever since.

    I'm sorry. :-/

  3. Susanne,

    But it makes both of us unhappy. *sigh* She's unhappy because she doesn't want what I say to be so and I'm unhappy because I don't like her reaction to the reality I'm trying to tell her.

    This is one of those things where I wish blogger had the option for private posts. There are some people I'd be okay telling, but not the general world. Feh.

    I think the only time she'd listen would be if something happened to smack her in the face with it. Which is why I keep trying to tell her because I think that's a hell of a way to find out.

  4. sanil,

    It didn't use to bother me, really. I think I had hope that she'd eventually respond. Now I've lost all hope of that and I guess I should just be happy that she doesn't react *badly* to it. But I'm not.

    I'm sorry too. :(

  5. Hugs! I'm so sorry, Lil' Sis. For both of you really. You are both (you and Sanil) sweet friends.

  6. *hugs back* You're a sweetie and I love you Big Sis!


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