Monday, January 31, 2011


Okay, so we went and saw The Rite yesterday. I enjoyed it. My friend Donna's problem was that it was 'inspired' by true events. So on the one hand the possessions weren't *movie* possessions, with the ubiquitous head spinning, etc. and on the other hand, 'the writer always tries to blow up real events so they're more dramatic'. So it was both not spectacular enough, and too spectacular. :)

Anyway, we always stand around and talk after the movie. Walk through the mall, since the theater is in the mall, that sort of thing. Deconstruct the film and just generally yammer on. So we're talking, and talking about the movie and angels and demons and Donna tells me that a while back, when we'd been having another conversation after another demons movie she'd taken the wings off of an angel statue she has in her house because I told her that angels don't really have wings.

At which point my jaw dropped open and I couldn't decide to laugh or not. I mean, okay, yes, I stand by the fact that angels don't have wings as we depict them. Angels don't have physical forms in the same way that people or anything else material does. They're described as having wings in visions in the Bible and so on, but that's just...a vision. A representation of the reality toned down so our brains don't explode. So they don't have giant bird wings, as lovely as they look in art.

But I never expected her to go around 'editing' a statue! She was saying, 'Well of course I did! I want him to look right so the angel's aren't insulted!'

I just- what do you say to that? Between giggles I did my best to explain that the angels weren't going to be insulted if the art didn't look exactly like them.


  1. Aw! Your friend is adorable. :)

  2. :D She is something. Adorable is a word for it, sure.

  3. :D She's a trip. Some of the stories I have about her and her shenanigans...

  4. Awww that's really adorable and sweet :)

  5. It really is. I was so shocked, but I really should have known. It's very Donna.


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