Friday, January 21, 2011

The Lure on the 'Anon'

*eyes are glazed over*

So...spending a lot of time on the Dresden kinkmeme. A lot. I've filled...only three. Okay. That's not like an addiction or anything. And even when I fill the other ones I'm eyeing it won't be an addiction. Because I can stop at any time! But back to the three I've done.

Two of them are fluffy and sweet.

One...not so much.

The two that are nice I'd have no problem de-anoning for. Because they're nice. You've seen one of them, the Geekery one. Nice, yeah?

The third. The third is dark. Like, okay, I love dark fic. I love it. But I've always been too ashamed to write it and share it because, um, DARK. And there's always this idea that if people see the dark things that excite you that they'll be disgusted. Which could happen. Dark is not for everyone. I get that. I get that not all people share my kinks in fic or in life. But there's that normal fear of being rejected.

But the anon *solves* all that. I can write and be dark and kinky and awful and no one knows that it's *me*. I know that this is the internet and no one knows me in person anyway, but the anon is just another layer. I can write a really sweet fic one second and then torture somebody the next and no one knows it's the same person writing.

It's beautiful.


  1. Where is the anon thing!?

    I am fascinated now, but I don't drift far from the parts of the internet I know. That pretty much means blogs and wikis. I want the dark fic!

    But more on the actual topic. :D Yes, anon posting does sounds nice. :) I can't imagine being disgusted w/people over dark fic, b/c it's fic. It's not like you're actually doing it. But I'm not everyone, and I can see the worry that that would happen.


    The kinkmeme's on lj, so you're safe. :)

    Um, wait. Did you mean specifically my dark fic?

    Mmm...see, your view is my own. There's plenty of fic that just doesn't do it for me because I don't find the contents appealing. So I just don't read them. That's what warnings are for after all. But I worry anyway that some moron will stumble on my dark stuff and *pop*.

  3. Thank you!

    No, dark fic in general. I only knew of a few places to find any, and they seem to have faded. I haven't cared enough to go looking for more, but then you went and mentioned it. :D So thanks!

  4. Ah, well, the meme isn't all darkfic. Dark fic is everywhere, you just have to look for the fandom. Kinkmeme's are wonderful places to find a variety of, well, kinks. :)

  5. I figured, since you talked about others you wrote for it being sweet. :) Sweet is good too. I have never heard of kinkmemes. HMMM.

  6. I just wanted to be sure you knew. I'm all about over informing! :)

    Seriously. Pick a fandom, google it and kinkmeme together. Very rarely does nothing appear.


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