Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Murdock - the 1 month Kindle review

So I've had Murdock for a month and I have no complaints. Not a single one. The screen is easy to read and I've yet to find a situation where there's any glare. It's effectively just like reading a book page. I love the rotation of 'sleep' pictures that they have, which might be a weird thing to like, but I do. You can enlarge the text, change the font, etc. if you need to, and it even has a text-to-voice function so you can listen to it read you the book. I haven't tried that one yet, but it's just neat to have is all.

The battery is insane. I use Murdock all the time and I've only had to charge him once.

Amazon has a *huge* selection of free books. Old ones whose copyright has expired, and sometimes new books that are free for a certain amount of time. I've found the pricing reasonable and cheaper than print. Downloading the books is perfectly simple and really fast.

Murdock makes it so much easier to read when I'm doing my cardio. There's no more breaking the spine of the book, flipping the pages, sometimes ripping them, yadda. Nothing. Just reach up and push a button. Next page. Hell, I can manage to hi-lite passages while I'm walking/biking. Which is just fun for me! :)

My one concern is a personal one. I'm terrified I'm going to break Murdock! I bought him a case (which I refer to as his bomber jacket. Don't look at me like that.) and I'm careful to the point of paranoia. I'm sure that will get better as I have him longer, and like I said, it's a personal issue. I don't want to break my new toy!


  1. I'm seriously considering buying one - Lucy, she shall be and I'll buy her a hijab :)

  2. Ha, ha... laughing at Lucy in her hijab!

    Amber, I don't blame you for not wanting to break Murdock. I'm sure he thanks you.

    You can highlight pages with it too? Awesome!

    I heard they may put some textbooks on things like Kindle. (Actually they are trying this at a few colleges now.) No more lugging around backbreaking amounts of books for college. That would be cool!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on ol' Murdy. :) A guy friend of mine got one for Christmas and named her Sophie. Ha!

  3. Suroor,

    Cute! Yes, if you get a Kindle she shall be Lucy the hijabi! :)

  4. Susanne,

    I take a great deal of care with Murdock and I know he appreciates it. :)

    Yep. You can hi-lite and make notes too. :)

    *nods* There are already some textbooks that you can download onto your computer so making them available for Kindle or other e-readers makes sense as the next step.

  5. i don't know if i am going to like reading through a screen. i still hate it on computer screen but i guess it might be an interesting thing to try !!

  6. Wafa',

    That's the thing about the Kindle - the screen doesn't look like it's a computer screen. It looks just like the page of a book. It's a greyish background, like you get with paperbacks. There's no glow like you get with a computer screen. You can only read on a Kindle if you have a light - not like with a computer where it glows.

  7. hmm you are tempting me to buy one. do you have the basic model or the one that has a sim card in?

  8. Slice,

    I got the basic model because I have wireless at home and work and pretty much anywhere I might need to dl a book.

  9. *dangles Kindle in front of Slice*

    You know you want one...



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