Friday, January 7, 2011


I *want it*!

A friend of mine was watching it and I caught part of the first ep.

*makes grabby hands*

Me and Holmesian things are love. Oh, BBC, why so awesome?

And yes, I did just go and order the dvds. I have no self control and I'm not ashamed!


  1. The sheer amount of win in this modern series of Sherlock is amazing. The fact that the writers are clearly tipping their hats to the latent homosexual hints in the original books just makes my day even better of course.

  2. I've just been rolling around in fangirl glee over Sherlock. There is so much awesome involved I hardly know where to begin. The original books were so full of lovely little hints anything modern would be lying if they didn't pay homage. And the fact that it makes the slash so much easier is just icing. :)


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