Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Doubts = ze Debil!


One thing that annoys me every single time I see it is the immediate accusation toward *anyone* who is having doubts or questions about their faith that it's ze Debil! *pauses for overly dramatic bumbumBUM music to play* messing with them.

Look, doubt and questioning is a natural part of a healthy and active human intellect. We stagnate and die when we don't think about things and thinking about things, poking at them and worrying at the edges can sometimes lead to doubts. It's natural. It can be painful, especially if you come up with answers that don't match what you want them to be, but it's a good thing.

If God didn't want us to question then we'd have the intellect of a gerbil, okay? We don't. We're the smartest things on the planet. Well, aside from the dolphins and those two mice who aren't really mice. They don't count, though, cause they're not from around here originally. But I digress!

My belief is that people who jump on that particular band wagon at the first sign of thoughts in another human being are those who have had doubts, have been unable to find answers that satisfy them and instead of accepting reality and finding another way to move forward have turtled back into their shells and refuse to invite thought. They can't answer the questions and rather than put out any answers that have satisfied them, because they're afraid that they won't stand up to another persons scrutiny and that that will hurt their own faith, they accuse ze Debil! *bumbumBUM* who is a handy scapegoat since he's not about to appear and defend himself any time soon.

I also do not accept ze Debil! *bumbumBUM* made me do it. :p


  1. Yup. I feel like there should be a longer comment, but you pretty much said it all.

    those two mice who aren't really mice


  2. I'll accept your 'yup'. :)

    I knew you'd get the mice thing. :D

  3. Aw, there went my excuse, dang it!

    Ze Debil! Love that! Especially those dramatic bumbumBUMs!

  4. Susanne,

    So sorry. You'll think of something else, I'm sure. :)

    ze Debil!*bumbumBUM* is how I've begun to think about it every time I see it. I just figure you all should share in my head!

  5. Yes, I'll start blaming it on

    De Ambuzz...bumbumBuMMMMMMM.

    And thanks for letting me partake of your head! :-D

  6. Susanne,

    I'll take that blame! :D

  7. Sometimes I really pity ze Debil! Ze handy scapegoat.

  8. Suroor,

    Me too. It must be hard getting the blame for all sorts of things you had nothing to do with. Poor incorporeal beings - they have a hard time defending themselves against false accusations! :)

  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Suroor believes the devil IS our bad side so wouldn't it be fair to blame the devil (our bad side) for the bad things we do? Logically anyway.

  10. What're you doing inserting logic into this conversation? Silly woman!

    *lightbulb appears over head* ze Debil!*bumbumBUM* is making you question the wackiness of this entire thing! Repent! *flicks Holy Water at you*

    Pft. If the 'devil' is merely metaphor for our darker impulses then it still doesn't get the blame, because it is us. It's not a separate entity. So saying the devil made me do it is saying I made me do it. And that, while true, is just silly. You *chose* do to it. Man up and admit it!

  11. *laughing*

    That whole flicking holy water at me made me break out in a fit of giggles!

    :-D :-D :-D

    I bet Ze Debil made you flick that water at me!! :-P****

  12. I know I'm a little late to the conversation ;)
    Just wanted to add to the *yup*. I think it usually shows how narrow-minded people are, how prejudiced and scared that they might be wrong, when they won't ever entertain the thought that they might not be right. I tend to think that those who are 110% sure that they are absolutely right and everyone else is wrong... are most likely to actually be wrong. (Think of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, extremists of all religions).
    (and apologies for coming with serious comment and ruining your humorous conversation ;) )

  13. I heard a quote once and I've been searching for it's source ever since, but it ended, basically, 'I fear those who have no doubts.'

    If you never doubt at all you've closed off your mind. Not only is that the way on which lies extremism of any flavor, but it's also intellectual death.

    I'll forgive you for being serious. It's *logic* in my wackiness I can't stand! :D

  14. I love that quote! And yes, I agree that having no doubts at all is one (if not the) most dangerous thing. And sure way to never be able to live in peace with other people.

  15. It is an awesome quote and that's why it pains me that I can't find the whole thing. I think it starts with something like, 'Some fear those who...' and ends with the bit I remember. But I know the entire bit was great.

  16. I tried searching for it as well, but no luck :(


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