Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Here's the thing. I just finished up Fool Moon on the audio books in my car. And I have just realized, again, how awesome Marcone is. The whole scene with him dangling over the pit and MacFinn and the knife throw...and he still banters with Harry.

Mostly because they're having UST at that point, but whatever. Marcone is just...incredible.

That is all.

And oh I really need a visual for this scene. So, comic or movie or a tv show that actually follows the books. Gimmie!


  1. Hee. He really is. :) I'll have to re-read that at some point. And all the other books.

  2. It's true! You go in thinking he's just some mob guy and then slowly it is revealed that he's bad ass all on his own. He and Hendricks should have their own spin off series!


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