Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nicodemus Archleone

I've been thinking about Nicodemus lately. Due to the dark fic and all, pretty much.

I wonder who he really is. There've been hints that Nic has been around since the beginning, since the Nails and the Cross and the Denari and the Noose. (Yes, I did just Unnecessarily Capitalise All Those Words.) And there was also, I think, a subtle hint that Nic might, if he gave up Anduriel's coin, be a potential Knight of the Cross. Though if he really is 2,000 years old he'd mummify pretty quickly without Anduriel, unless the Archangel who gives him the sword fixes that. Which is possible, of course.

Could Nicodemus be his real name? The only Nicodemus I can think of is the one who helped Joseph of Arimathea bury Christ. So unless something happened after that he doesn't seem like a good candidate for being a happy partner to a Fallen angel.

Here's my wacky theory!

Nicodemus is Judas. It would explain how he got ahold of the powerful relic that is the Noose, and it would explain his mad hate on for all things God. It would explain why he's the head of the Denarians, and why he's theoretically redeemable and good enough for a Sword. So maybe he hung himself but before he was quite dead the Fallen hopped down into the coins (or were they in the coins before he was given them?) and Anduriel made him an offer.

Nicodemus means 'conqueror of the people' by the way.


  1. aw, man. but, Christ ASKED Judas to. Judas betrayed because he was asked to by the guy he ws betraying! ;) I prefer that version, as it explains some things for me.

    I knwo this is an old post, but i was scouring your pages for Dresden mpreg, which I am getting into wrting because CANON MEHEHEHEH and I am desperate. So I messaged you. I'm reclusive though, so don't expect much yabbering.

    1. Oh, and I meant to ask you if there was a way oy ucould send me all your Dresden mpreg? I am a collector of the stories I love, and they inspire me to keep writing. Tehy are like dear friends, and whenver I find one of exquisite qauality I snatch it up before it can run away, as I want ot go back to it and remember fond moments. (I have a memory problem, so this is tantamount and vital to me.)

      ;))))) you cna contact me at


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