Sunday, July 25, 2010

Clothing Is An Exhausting Business

Because you know you're all just *riveted* by this stuff. I spent all day trying on clothes from my haul at the gym, and what I already had, and organizing, etc. Here are the fruits of my labors. The first three pics are my closet prior to the great event.

The following pic is of the new clothes, all out of their bags and waiting for me. Like a dragon.

Right then. After *all day* three hours or so, since I did go to church, and the gym, and a movie first, because perseverance is my middle name! Anyway. After Much Work, I had three piles of tops. The pile closest is labeled 'now', which means that the clothes in that pile fit right now. The back left pile is '-1', meaning they're one size down, I estimate. They fit, but are too tight. The back right pile is '-2', meaning they don't fit, and I guess at least two sizes down before they fit. Now, for any random men reading this, you know why it takes so long for women to shop? Even women who *hate* shopping, such as me? Because CLOTHING SIZES MAKE NO SENSE! THEY LIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! For instance, the pile that fits now? The size labels range from 3X down to Medium, with stops at every size in between. How does that even work? And the other two piles both contain mixes of XL, L, Medium, and Small. *growls* So, instead of being able to just go in and pick out your size, you have to TRY EVERYTHING ON! Even clothes by the same brand have to be tried on, because different styles are cut differently, etc. and FIT DIFFERENTLY! And then everything takes HOURS and you are tired and achy and your feet hurt and then you want to beat things into walls!

And the next three pics are of my closet after everything has been hung up and all the new clothes are in place. *iz ded*

I've also got two bags of clothes that are too big for me, to be donated.


  1. My closet is the same way! There is everything from 3x (that I hope shrunk) to Large, (that I guessed is sized big!)

    It really makes NO sense! Just don't look at the tags!

  2. Clothing sizes do not make sense. I have everything from L to XS. Its so weird. I too am in an "I hate clothes shopping" mood. Sucks to be in your mid 20s but still built like a can't find work appropriate clothing....grrrr.....

  3. Ha! Loved this post. Great to see that you had a productive day! :)

    LOL @ "iz ded."

  4. mamajuliana,

    It's past irritating and into funny. I've lost 50 lbs, and so many inches all over, and the clothing sizes just keep getting weirder and weirder...

    I *almost* fit into a size 14 dress. Meaning, I can get into it, but it doesn't zip all the way. There's NO logic to sizing...

  5. LK,

    Clothes shopping would be so much less frustrating if sizes were actually universal. You'd still need to try things on to make sure they look right, but oh, the *hours* of our lives we could have back...

    'built like a teenager' - not my issue, but finding dressy work clothes for my size? Yeah. It's a problem. Not flattering at all.

  6. Susanne,

    Yes, productive. That's what we'll call it! Also exhausting. But satisfying! I've got tons of clothes to wear now. Now I've got to make decisions on what to wear every morning, as opposed to just pulling out the few outfits that I know fit! What a problem to have...

  7. I've come to notice clothing only fit that small amount of people in the middle spectrum. Say size 6-10. Anything below or above that seem to have a lot of trouble finding clothes.

  8. LK,

    It's some sort of conspiracy. *looks about suspiciously* Bring out the tin foil hats! :)


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