Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crowley Macro

Why yes, instead of working on the posts from Popes and Patriarchs, or any of the other things I could be doing, I made another macro. Because Crowley *deserves* macro!

And, yes, I get that the only person who sees this who might care is Sanil. It's my blog, and I'll post random, incomprehensible to non fangirl things when I choose! :)


  1. This is from Supernatural yes? Man I need to watch that show!

  2. LK,

    Yes, yes it is. And yes, my god, you do! Supernatural is *awesome*!

    Hmm...if you like, I did summaries of the first four seasons when season 5 was starting, and I will do a summary of season 5 right before season 6. So if you don't mind a little spoiling, you could read those to see if you want to watch the show:

    Season 1 -

    Season 2 -

    Season 3 -

    Season 4 -

  3. Crowley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Putting off other posts to spend time on Crowley is always acceptable. Nice macro!

  4. Amber: LOL you're too funny. Its on my list. Im sort of buried up to my neck in BBC shows at the moment but I'll get to it :)

  5. sanil,

    That's what I though! All time spent on Crowley is time well spent! :)

  6. LK,

    Oooh, BBC does put out some excellent shows. I miss having BBCA! But at least SyFy plays Merlin. :)

  7. Susanne,

    Thanks! But don't let Crowley hear you say that. He's a *very scary demon*! And not at all cute! ;)


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