Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tobit Chapter 10

*Anna's Distress*

1. Tobit his father was counting each day. But when the days needed to complete the journey ended and they had not returned,+ 2. he asked, "Has he perhaps been dishonored? Or has Gabael died and no one gave him the silver?" 3. So he was very distressed. 4. Then his wife told him, "The young man has perished. That is why he is delayed." Then she began to weep for him and said, 5. "Nothing matters to me, my child, the light of my eyes, for I permitted you to go." 6. So Tobit said to her, "Be silent and have no more thoughts about it. He is in good health."

7. She replied to him, "You be quiet. Do not deceive me. My child has perished." Then throughout the day she went outside to the road by which he had departed, and during the day she did not eat bread. At night she did not cease lamenting for her son Tobias until the fourteen days of the wedding feast were over, the days Raguel swore him to celebrate there.

*The Bride and Groom Depart*

8. Then Tobias said to Raguel, "Send me back, for my father and my mother no longer hope they will see me."+ 9. But his father-in-law said to him, "Stay with me, and I will send messengers to your father. They will make clear to him how you are doing." But Tobias said, "No indeed. On the contrary, send me back to my father."

10. Then Raguel arose and gave Sarah his wife to him, and half of his belongings in servants, cattle, and silver. 11. Then he blessed them and sent them on their way, saying, "May the God of heaven prosper you, my children, before the day I die." 12. To his daughter he said, "Honor your husband's mother and father, for they are now your parents. Let me hear a good report of you," and he kissed her. 13. Then Edna said to Tobias, "My beloved brother, may the Lord of heaven bring you back and grant me to see your children from my daughter Sarah, that I may rejoice before the Lord. Behold, I am entrusting my daughter to your care. Do not grieve her."+ 14. With this, Tobias went on his way blessing God that He had prospered his journey. Then he blessed Raguel and Edna his wife.

+10:1-7 - The extended fourteen days of the wedding feast (v.7) cause friction between Tobit and Anna because Tobias has not returned home. They try to hush each other up (vv.6, 7).

+10:8-10 - Raguel wants the newlyweds to stay even longer, but Tobias prevails. They depart with a blessing.

+10:13 - Edna's request to see your children from my daughter Sarah is echoed by the Orthodox priest at the crowning service, praying that the wedded couple will "see your children's children."


  1. Edna? They had Ednas back then?

    Thanks for this!


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