Sunday, July 18, 2010

Movie: Inception

Oh, holy crap, this movie is awesome. I mean...this movie is like sex. For the brain. I needed a cigarette and a stiff drink after this movie, and I don't smoke.

The plot is not insanely complicated, really, in the broad outlines.

Technology exists that allows people to share dreams. I'm assuming that it had some theraputic applications which it was originally invented for. Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his team use it for slightly illegal purposes. They go into other peoples minds and steal their secrets. Of course, they're hired to do this, it's not something they do for shits and grins.

So a man, Mr. Saito (played by Chow Yun Fat Ken Watanabe), hires this team. Not to steal ideas, but to implant one. He wants to destroy a rival company by having the son, played by Cillian Murphy, break up the empire after he inherits it from his dying father. Of course, planting an idea is infinitely more difficult that stealing one, because the persons brain can always track down the thought to it's origins, and subconsiously, if nothing else, recognize that it originated from somewhere else.

They create the world, drop Robert Fischer (the son) into it without his knowledge, and take him down through three levels of dreams, slipping into his brain in insane ways, until he thinks that it's his idea. That his father really wanted him to destroy his life's work, so that Robert can be his own man.

It's not a complicated plot (though of course there's much, much more to it, and I'm leaving lots out despite my not spoiler safe policy, because you really need to *see* this movie), but it is so insanely well written and acted it's not even funny. It's mind bending at it's finest, and you leave the movie having to almost pick an ending. Is Cobb out of the dream? Has everything worked out for the best? Is his happiness real? Or is the top still spinning?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be in my bunk.

ALSO: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. My dear boy, I forgive you for G.I. Joe. If I acted, I totally would be in a campy movie of crapitude if I got the chance to play a kick ass villain too. Other than that, you're doing *awesome*.


  1. I mostly haven't noticed this movie, but my sister's really excited about it so I might wind up seeing it...if not in theaters, I will almost definitely see it when it's out on video, since my roommate has netflix and it seems like her kinda movie too.

    Yay Cillian Murphy! I thought I saw him in a commercial but wasn't sure. He creeps me out in a good way.

  2. It's a very brain-y movie. There's action, but it's in aide of the plot, so it's more toned down and...different from a normal 'caper' movie, which on one level this movie is. I definitely recommend seeing it, in the theater or later at home. People were applauding at the end of the movie in my theater. :)

    Yeah, I caught a glimpse of him in one commercial and was like, 'wait, what? was that...?' and paid attention the next commercial so I could be sure.

  3. LOVED this movie. I have to watch it on DVD so I can figure out what happened. I was so distracted by the visuals.

    And yes Bravo Levitt. I think he was my fav...or Ellen Page. She was pretty awesome in this

  4. My friend and I are actually debating going to see it again in the theater. I know I'm going to get it when it comes out, so I'm not all gung-ho for spending the money for the theater again, but my friend *really* wants to see it maybe. I think I want to wait for it on disc because then I can pause and go back and really analyze what's going on.

    Yes, Levitt is my favorite for this one. Ellen Page did a really excellent job, no doubt, but something about Levitt just pushed him over the top for me.


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