Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh Noes!

My favorite only linen slacks are too big! *wails* It's to the point of too-bigness that even in 3 inch heels they touch the floor. *whinemoan*

My life is full of *such* *drama*!

Fare thee well, linen slacks, you will be joining the other clothes I bid adieu to.

Now, of course, the question is, why did I not realize it was this bad when I put them on this morning? Because I *love* them and they are swishy and *light*! And so I stuck my head in the clothing sand, and put on heels, just for these pants!


  1. Can you take them in? if they are at most 2 sizes to big you can have them taken in.

    just a thought :)

  2. I agree if you really like the pants get them taken in. Of course, a good tailor is hard to find now days...

  3. Me again...I noticed your comment on CC's blog about modesty. I understand where you are coming from.

    To me WHY is the important question.

    My WHY's for dressing modestly was partially weight related. There was just too much of me and I could hide by saying I was being modest.

    Since I am somewhat smaller now I have had to revisit the whole modesty issue, and re-evaluate my WHY's.

    Big and complicated issue...we should email!

  4. LK,

    I probably could get them hemmed and/or taken in, but I won't. :)

    I'd much rather have to find a new, smaller pair later on.

  5. mamajuliana,

    I'm not sure we'd even have a tailor around here. But upon reflection, I don't like the pants enough to have them taken in and hemmed. *shrug*

    Yes. The why is what I'm trying to sort out. And...I will email you!

  6. Hurray for good problems to have! Are they too big for a belt to fix it? Or do belts not actually look good? I am in denial and keeping my way-too-big pants and skirts and just using a belt to make them stay up...I'm a little afraid it just makes them look baggy and sloppy, but I can't afford new ones yet and am determined to ignore this as long as I can!

    But anyway. Congrats on being too skinny for your clothes and sorry about the loss of the slacks. :)

  7. sanil,

    They're past the belt stage, unfortunately. Really, the major problem is that they're too long. I have to literally pull the waist up to my rib cage to get the bottom of the legs to be around my ankles, where they should be. When I was bigger, they rode high enough on my hips/waist that with shoes, they were just right.

    I've got other pants that I'm wearing belts with, because yeah, can't afford a new wardrobe, and since I plan on losing more weight, yeah. Denial works for now!

  8. really its very easy and rather cheap to take them in. Its really easy to hem them yourself. Just measure around, fold, pin and stitch. I have to hem all my pants so I learned to do it myself :)

    Othewise H&M has fabulous linen wide leg pants. They should be on sale by now....

  9. Oh I love your weight loss drama :-)

  10. Suroor,

    It is, quite happily, the only drama I have in my life at the moment. So I have to make the most of it! :)


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