Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dear Diana Gabaldon,

I both hate and love you in almost equal measure.

On the one hand, you write exquisite books. I love the characters. To the point where, when I read Ian's death, I wept. I feel silly weeping for fictional people, but there you go. You made me do it. And not just a little tear, but sobs. And I really get invested in the characters, like Lord John. I do love him, I really, really do. And I *never* want to read about his death, do you hear me? NOT EVER. As far as I am concerned, Lord John is a bloody immortal.

On the other hand, holy crap woman, knowing that you take three to four years to write a book, why, for the love of all that is holy, do you end the book with so many freaking cliffhangers?!?!

Roger's in the past, maybe, looking for Jem, who is *not* in the past, but under the mountain, in the tunnel, with a passage that, if he falls into it, will send him back to a time when there was no tunnel, thereby *killing* him instantly, and how will Roger figure out that Jem's not in the past? Will Bree and Mandy and Jem follow? Will Bree beat Rob Cameron to death with a frying pan? (I'm voting for that one.) What about William MacKenzie? He doesn't get back to his own time, fine. But is he going to be helpful at all?

You had Lord John sleep with Claire. Right, fine, I get it. I don't like it, but I get it. Copious amounts of alcohol, and both of them mourning the same man, whom they love very, very much. I get it. But, for fucks sake, Lord John is *gay*. Like, not bi, but *gay*. The only reason he's *ever* slept with a woman was to maintain the fiction that he is not gay, and therefore not get *murdered*. I do not like him sleeping with Claire! It's out of character. And aside from all that, what is Jamie going to do? You had Lord John tell him, but then you *stopped*! I know, in my heart, that Jamie will not kill Lord John. I know it because it must be true! But...*whimper* I *like* the painful relationship between Jamie and Lord John! They're friends, and Lord John is going to love Jamie *forever*, and if Jamie hates him for this...*GAH*! I mean, I've come to terms, in my head, that Lord John and Jamie are never going to be *together*, but I cannot live with them not being friends!

And wee Ian and Rachel! Is Arch Bug dead? I think he is, but maybe not. And the fact that William also fancies himself in love with Rachel, who loves Ian, who loves her back. And Ian and Willie are cousins...

And *speaking* of Willie. He *knows*. Which, um, yeah. I mean, it had to happen, but wow. *That's* going to be a hell of a conversation that he needs to have with Jamie and Lord John at some point in the near future.

What about Fergus and Percy and that whole, lost heir to a French fortune? Oooh...what if Fergus and Marsali's kids and their descendants are Claire's ancestors? *brain squishes* Time travel, man...

And is Claire going to be arrested as a traitor now that Jamie has 'abducted' Lord John and she's left with William, who is off being pissed off at the world? And Henry! Will Henry live and marry Mrs. Woodcock? Dottie and Denny! Hah! How'll Hal deal with his kids all going nuts and marrying rather inappropriate people?

And what will Jenny and Claire say to each other now?


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