Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10 Favorite Movie Moments

We were discussing this on lunch at work. These are my current top ten. Subject to random whims. :)

1. Princess Bride - Buttercup has been abducted, rescued, captured, rescued and abducted again. She has just found out that her latest captor is the Dread Pirate Roberts who murdered her beloved Westley years before. In her anger she shoves him over the side of a rather large hill, screaming that he can die for all she cares. As he's falling/rolling he cries out, 'As you wish!' which is what Westley always said to her. And what he meant when he said that was really, 'I love you.' Realising that she has just tried to kill her Westley she throws herself down the hill after him. They land together, reunited. (And one assumes bruised.)

2. Princess Bride - Westley has been Mostly Dead all day due to the evilness of Humperdink and his minions. He, Inigo and Fezzik have stormed the castle to rescue Buttercup, who has just been forced to marry Humperdink (and really, with a name like that his parents were just asking for him to be evil). Inigo has run off to fight the Six Fingered Man, Fezzik is elsewhere and Westley has managed to get himself into Buttercups room. She returns from her wedding believing Westley to be dead (again) and prepares to kill herself. Westley (who cannot move - from being Mostly Dead) calls out and stops her. They have a tearful reunion and then Humperdink shows up. He threatens the lovers and then Westley threatens him back, describing how he's going to cut Humperdink up but leave him alive to suffer. And then he rises, slowly....raises his sword until it's pointed straight at the camera and says: 'Drop. Your. Sword.' And Humperdink does, like a little sissy.

3. Princess Bride (shut up. I *know*.) - Inigo Montoya has spent his *entire* life hunting for the man who murdered his father. He has finally found the Six Fingered Man, dueled him and is winning. Because he's Inigo freaking Montoya, that's why!

"Offer me money."


"Power too. Promise me that."

"All that I have and more. Please."

"Offer me anything I ask for."

"Anything you want."

*stab**leans in close*

"I want my father back you son of a bitch."

4. Jaws - Pretty much the very end. 'Smile you son of a bitch!' Where Brody shoots the air tank and the shark explodes. Totally not realistic, and yet *awesome*.

5. Jaws - When Brody is chumming the water and bitching at Quint and Hooper, not looking at the ocean and the shark comes up behind him and then sinks back down. And then he looks back and notices and the whole, 'You're gonna need a bigger boat.' happens.

6. Inception - THE WHOLE MOVIE! ALL OF IT! *cough* But if I *must* choose a fave scene, then I'd have to say (as hard as the choice was to make) the weightless fight scene. Badass.

7. Aliens - Towards the very end of the movie. Pretty much everyone is dead and Bishop and Hicks are out of commission. They're back on the mother ship and the alien queen has Newt. Ripley gets into the exoskeletal suit and comes out fighting. 'Get away from her, you bitch!'

8. Alien - The end of the movie. Ripley thinks she's escaped, the only survivor and is actually stripping down to go into cryo sleep when she realizes that the alien has made it onto her escape pod. She has to move so quietly and slowly, get into a space suit so she can space the damn thing. Awesome scene.

9. LOTR: The Two Towers: At the siege of Fort Eorlingas, when all is dark and Theoden is ready to give up. Aragorn gets his blood going, gets him back into the fight. And Theoden's line: "Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath. Now for ruin. And the red dawn!" ROHAN! *charges about with sword*

10. LOTR: Return of the King - Eowyn's fight with the Witch King: "I am no man!" *stabbity*


  1. Loved the "shut up" part when Princess Bride was mentioned for the THIRD time! :-D

  2. Susanne,

    I know. I was listing them and I'm like...that's a lot of Princess Bride. But it's such a great movie! It has so many great parts! EVERYONE should watch it.


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