Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Oddities

Susanne apparently is a very weird person. :p And she some how thinks that everyone else has to be weird too. So I'll list a few things that others might think are 'odd' about me. But they're not. It's everyone else that's weird.

1. I always tap the bottom of a bathroom door with my right foot when I'm leaving. I have no idea why I do this, but I do.

2. I *love* kosher dill pickles. Love them. We used to just buy them in those big jars, whole, and I would eat them all by themselves.

3. I'm afraid of dolls. The Incident of the Raggedy Ann Doll has left me scarred for life.

4. I deeply wish that I was a 'hat person'. But they look awful on me, so I'm not.

5. As long as the food is dead, I will try it. I will not try to eat anything that is still moving on my plate.

6. Catterwompus is a word.

7. I once threatened to castrate my best friends husband. He believes that I would do it. Which is great, because I really would. :)

8. I cannot keep a plant alive to save my life.

9. I do not do silence. There must be noise at all times.

10. I think people who walk around in t-shirts with suit jackets on over them look like tools. Pretentious tools.

11. Sometimes, if I've been talking to lawyers all day I use unnecessarily large words when I'm talking.

12. I still love to color in coloring books and draw (badly) with sidewalk chalk.

13. I'm not allowed to play video games much since Super Mario Brothers for the Wii makes me curse.

14. I am a technological moron. It's not that I can't learn how the stuff works, it's just that I don't care. And I have computer nerds for family so I don't need to care.

15. I don't like stickers.

16. I'm fairly certain that dust doesn't get under furniture so I'm not sure why I have to move things when I clean. (I do it, I just don't like it.)

17. I name inanimate objects: Murdock the Kindle, Myrddin the Car, Rodney the Shredder, Sheppard the Cash Register, Daniel the Computer, etc.

18. I don't understand vegetarianism. I'm half certain that it's a sign of mental illness. No offense to anyone who might be a vegetarian. I just don't get it and it seems weird and alien to me.

I'm sure there's more, but there you go. :)


  1. Oh are so not a freak! :-P

    Your computer is named Daniel? Ha, you call him Danny for short? Now I want to name my computer.

    Do I even want to know why you threatened to castrate your best friend's husband?

    Weirdly cool leaving-the-bathroom habit. *quirks eyebrow*

    I love the word catterwompas!

    Ewww, dill pickles?!?! Ugh! You ARE weird! Well, I am weird because I drink a tsp of vinegar mixed with water nearly every day. I hold my nose the whole time. It's horrible stuff.

    Loved your list! Thanks for sharing these oddities! :)

  2. I told you! Perfectly normal human being, right here! :p

    Yep. Danny for short.

    It was more a preemptory threat than anything else. My friend and I both come from similar household backgrounds and I just wanted him to understand that if he ever hurt her I would take care of the problem with extreme prejudice.

    It is very weird, isn't it? I wish I knew where I got the habit from.

    Dill pickles are delicious!

    Can I ask why you drink the vinegar/water mix?

  3. It's nice that you want to take care of your friend like that. :) I don't blame you!

    Your bathroom habit reminded me of the Muslims how they have a set ritual for entering a bathroom. :)

    I heard apple cider vinegar is very good for you, but it disgusts me to no end. I finally found I could tolerate it this way so I added it to my almost daily routine a few months ago. It is still one of the yuckiest things to me, but holding the nose does help SOME with initial taste problems. :D

  4. Susanne,

    To be fair to him, he's always been a perfect Southern gentleman. This is Kyle, the husband that still calls me Ms. Amber and I still call him Mr. Kyle. :) This was the one time that we stepped out of Southern politeness bounds. It wouldn't have done to have him think I was joking on this.

    Don't Muslims have a ritual for leaving the bathroom as well? Very OCD.

    Uhhuh. Unless this water/vinegar thing has *amazing* health benefits, I think I'll pass. :p

  5. About OCD...see this post and the last question.

    yeah, I passed on the vinegar thing for a looooooooooooooong time despite my dad saying how good it was supposed to be for you. I totally got you the other day when you said wine had a rotten fruit component to it for you because that's how apple cider vinegar is for me. Grosssssss!

    I hope Danny and Murdock are doing well today. :)

  6. You inspired this! :)!/permalink.php?story_fbid=127668017296501&id=521448697&notif_t=feed_comment


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