Thursday, December 2, 2010

LKH - You pain me. really.

1. You can't keep track of your characters' names. WTF? One guy's 'lady love' has been Hannah and Candy and I think one other name that I can't recall right now.

2. You have had *one* lesbian character. One. Her name is Sylvie, and she's a bad ass. I like Sylvie. Remember that whole, huge thing back in Burnt Offerings where the evil rat guy and company raped her and she went back and killed them in horrible ways and kept bits of them on her mantel? Remember her girlfriend Gwen? Do you? I know you don't. Because you just had her tell another character that she's 'cute. But I don't do girls.' WTF! Really! You do girls Sylvie. I know that your idiot writer-god has just rewritten your character entirely, but I promise you that not only do you 'do' girls, but you are girl exclusive. You love them.

3. A MAGAZINE AND A CLIP ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE! THEY ARE NOT THE SAME DAMN THING! You *supposedly* have cops and military people who you talk to for reference on the weapons you use in your books. In all these years, have none of them told you the correct names to call the parts of the gun? I thought that maybe you'd learned - I had a glimmer of hope in this last fire fight, but you had Peter pop the spare magazine out of his gun, reach into his pocket and pop in his spare clip. *headdesk unto infinity*


  1. I never got into that series, and this makes me sort of glad. Love your rant about it, though!

  2. The older books are actually okay. It's just that the author seems to have gone insane in the later books.


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